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In this comedy series aimed at preschoolers, a wacky musical group helps their friends to solve their problems, and everyone learns important lessons along the way. The series is based on characters created by the real-life children's musical group Imagination Movers.Imagination Movers is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (75 episodes). The series first aired on September 6, 2008.

Imagination Movers is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Imagination Movers on demand atDisney+, Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, DisneyNOW online.

3 Seasons, 75 Episodes
September 6, 2008
Kids & Family
Cast: Kath Soucie
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Imagination Movers Full Episode Guide

  • The Movers try to save the Warehouse from being demolished.

  • When the Movers are mistakenly led to believe that Nina is moving back to Hawaii, they quickly decide to throw her a party to show how much they care and try to convince her to stay.

  • The Movers must help a famous ballet duo prepare for their performance at the Town Theater

  • Dave's machine goes awry, causing Rich and Mouse to switch bodies

  • The Movers are overrun by fuzzy creatures.

  • The Movers help a cowboy cross a canyon.

  • The Movers need to find a way to rescue Scott's teddy bear from a Giant at the top of a beanstalk.

  • The Movers need to help Princess Dalia catch a unicorn.

  • The Movers try to discover why a prized goat stopped giving milk that is needed by Nina to make her famous grilled cheese sandwiches.

  • The Movers run the Idea Caf? so Nina can take a day off.

  • Dave wins a science award for one of his inventions.

  • Dave loses his walkie talkie so he follows sound cues to locate it.

  • Dave's uncle's snoring keeps the Movers from getting things done

  • Carol is an Elf-in-training who wants to deliver presents with Santa.

  • Warehouse Mouse is convinced he's seen a ghost.

  • Celebrating Hawaiian day the movers get stuck.

  • A visit from the Movers' Dads

  • Jeremiah is under a witches spell.

  • A biker named Clutch pays a visit

  • The Movers buy a Basketball hoop.

  • A Genie pays the Movers a visit.

  • Dance to the beat of the Imagination Movers.

  • Bernie is retiring and the Movers want to take over.

  • The Movers help Goldilocks patch things up with the three bears

  • A pirate needs the movers help

  • Sir Fearsalot can't rescue the princess because he is afraid

  • Warehouse mouse creates his own holiday

  • The movers help a director whose actress has gotten sick.

  • Nina needs to stop giggling in time for her concert

  • The movers help an athlete find his lost strength

  • Nina is planning a party and needs help

  • A professional Baseball player needs help being in two places at once.

  • A Butterfly is lose in the warehouse

  • The users try to save power

  • Blues musician visits the warehouse

  • Ace loses his lucky hat

  • The Movers stand in for the tooth fairy

  • Warehouse Mouse's cousin visits from the country.

  • The muffin man forgot his recipe.

  • The movers get snowed in.

  • Santa's hohoho isn't right.

  • Warehouse mouse gets a new bed.

  • Cinderella doesn't want to be part of her storybook anymore.

  • A monster named Eddie needs help from the movers.

  • The movers help a cyclist regain his confidence

  • The waxed floor creates havoc

  • Warehouse Mouse needs help while he tends his nephew.

  • Where is all the warehouse food going?

  • The Movers must help Captain Terrific learn to fly.