Watch TV Shows on CITV

CITV, or Children's ITV as it is better known is a British children's TV producer and broadcaster that is part of the much larger ITV group of networks and digital stations. In the UK CITV is broadcast each day from 6am to 6pm, with original programming intermingled with children's programming from around the World. The channel is best known for broadcasting a number of iconic figures since it was launched in 1983, which include Sooty, Horrid Henry and the Mr Bean! animated series. These shows are produced and broadcast alongside original drama's, comedy shows and TV specials for events and specific times of the year, including Text Santa.

In 1983, CITV was formed and broadcast for a short period each day on the terrestrial ITV network at lunchtime and for a short period in the post school period of the day. Only in 2006 did CITV become a digital channel in its own right in the UK, with the growing number of digital stations offered via cable, satellite and digital options allowing the company to create a dedicated children's channel. Amongst the programming that is offered through the CITV brand are Pocoyo, Fireman Sam and Poppy Cat. The channel is also responsible for broadcasting and distributing a number of shows from Disney, Nickelodeon and numerous European animations studios.