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If you have watched the Spanish TV series, "El Chavo" from 1972 to 1979, then you haven't missed anything yet by watching the animated series of, "El Chavo Animado" which started in 2006. This animated Spanish series just like the original, "El Chavo" series was originally played by adult Mexican actors, who played roles as school kids. It is now played in animation, making the show even more appealing for younger viewers.

This series is about a young boy who goes through different types of adventures with not only his friends from school, his family as well. Comical events that has happened in the original series of "El Chavo", from 1972 to 1979 repeats itself again in a more kid friendly approach making the imaginations of the characters come to life for children as cartoon characters. Watching the animation of "El Chavo", will bring back memories for the generation who has watched it during 1972 to 1979.

Totally Spies is a Animation & Cartoon series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (160 episodes). The series first aired on November 3, 2001. It has moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 7.0.

Totally Spies is available for streaming on the Cartoon Network website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Totally Spies on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Hulu, FuboTV, Microsoft Movies & TV, iTunes online.

03:30 pm on Cartoon Network
6 Seasons, 160 Episodes
November 3, 2001
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Jennifer Hale, Andrea Baker, Katie Griffin, Adrian Truss
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Totally Spies Full Episode Guide

  • When Sam, Clover and Alex find out that they, along with the rest of Professor Plunkett's Fashion Design class, have won a trip to Versailles, they're pumped.

  • Jerry said that spy will no longer work together and live in the penthouse. Now they living separately and work alone.

  • By Clover comes her cousin Normie. Meanwhile, someone kidnaps celebrities. Spy sent on a mission, and Normie stays with Jerry.

  • Some areas of South America, captured by plants. Spies sent to Rio de Janeiro.

  • Spy hired to accompany the prisoners to the island WOOHP. It happens in the security system fails and the prisoners trying to escape.

  • On the islands there are strange tides. It turned out that the moon and the sun approaching to the Earth. Spies need to fix it.

  • People are transformed into clowns. Spy sent on a mission to find out what happens.

  • One of the inmates WOOHP invents device and changes bodies with Jerry. Meanwhile, Jerry's mother remembers how to be a spy.

  • The former star of skateboard parks Krutysh destroys the earth, turning them into a huge platform for skateboarders to once again become popular. Because of its complex formula of cement, the world threatened to descend from its orbit and fly off into space. Spies must stop the old skateboarder to prevent a catastrophe.

  • Trent finds spies after implementation of mission. Jerry forces to wipe memory to him. However he makes a mistake that results in terrible consequences.

  • Jerry conducts a lecture on shipboard WOOHP. Alex, Clover and Sam too invited. Unexpectedly ship pirates attack.

  • World designers disappear. All business appears in " predatory" carpets. Spies need to know, who stands after it.

  • A climate changes in city, becoming is very cold. In icy blocks find people. Spies must find out that takes place.

  • In the world go Mandy doll. But they begin to happen strange things. They come to life and become angry.

  • Disappear famous dog. Spies sent to the dog show to find out what happens.

  • In Hollywood, there is something strange. From the film in the real world fall into two characters.

  • Ever since the grand opening of a new cupcake company, people have been behaving strangely. Could there be a connection between the two?

  • Worldwide Celebrity disappear. They come back in a strange state. Somewhere to disappear their talents.

  • Someone frustrating weddings worldwide. Spies sent to the factory dresses. They need to save the royal wedding.

  • Clover persuades Alex and Sam learn together design. By Alex returns to her favorite - pig Uenki. On Hawaiian beaches strange creatures seen.

  • They began to disappear game developers. Spies sent on a mission, and suddenly fall into a video game.

  • Strange things began to happen in the world. All the famous sights of the world someone has turned into a place of entertainment for the cats. Spy to find out what happened, how to get everything back to normal, and why in this mission involved Felin Dion, professor of laboratory, which employs Alex.

  • Mandy gets a social network called Mandy Book with 1300 followers. But what does it have to do with frequent waves in the university?

  • When Jerry's mother, Mrs. Lewis, accidentally ingests a concentrated dose of pure evil, she becomes evil. Going under the pseudonym, "Mr. X", she tricks Jerry into selling WOOHP, and replacing them with robots. The girls are stupefied at the sudden turn of events, and when a crime spree begins at the mall, the robots barely react.

  • When freaky occurrences start to happen all around Beverly Hills – filthy tornadoes, floods of sludge, and huge run-away dust bunnies - Jerry sends the spies to investigate the strange phenomenon. The girls discover that someone seems to be purposely scumming up their beloved city, but what terrible person would want to do that? The Spies track down their only clue - a feather from a feather duster, but will it be enough to save Beverly Hills before it's a complete garbage dump? In a b-story, Alex gets into trouble when she accidentally litters on campus.

  • It's the holiday season but the Spies don't get a vacation. Their latest mission is to investigate an Unidentified Flying Object - right above Beverly Hills! After the Spies finish investigating, the town gets a strange weather twist in the form of a blizzard. While everyone is snowed in, the Spies race to find the culprit and stop the snow before the town is completely buried! In a b-story, the girls take part in the Mali-U Secret Santa exchange and learn that the holidays aren't about materialism.It's the holiday season but the Spies don't get a vacation. Their latest mission is to investigate an Unidentified Flying Object - right above Beverly Hills! After the Spies finish investigating, the town gets a strange weather twist in the form of a blizzard. While everyone is snowed in, the Spies race to find the culprit and stop the snow before the town is completely buried! In a b-story, the girls take part in the Mali-U Secret Santa exchange and learn that the holidays aren't about materialism.

  • It's Saturday afternoon and, after Jerry tells the girls he has no mission for them, Sam, Clover and Alex are pumped for a totally shop-tastic day at The Groove! As an added bonus, when they get there they discover that there's barely anyone shopping -which makes for easy access to all their favorite boutiques. With the exception of a few strange occurrences everything is golden. That is, until the girls try to leave, and find themselves trapped in the Groove! Can the Spies get themselves out of this situation without any help from WOOHP? In the b-story, Jerry gives the girls WOOHP coupons.

  • Jerry sends the spies on a mission where they quickly capture a ridiculous villain who created a special serum to turn him into a real-life version of Humongo Man -his favorite childhood action figure! Also, Alex goes on a date with Virgil, but when she decides that they should be "just friends" he doesn't want to give up- and accidentally stumbles upon the girls in full Spy gear! This gives him a new idea to win Alex over, but will it end up fantastic or disastrous? In a b-story, Clover and Sam vie for Employee of the month at Mali Café.

  • Clover began taking lessons of theater, deciding to get as many fans as possible. Her boyfriend, whose name is William, with the words of Sam is just a pile of muscle insensitive.

  • When strange attacks on students are reported all over the Mali-U campus, Jerry enlists Sam, Clover and Alex to check it out. Is it just a coincidence that all the attacks happen to athletes? In a b-story, Alex is selected to be the new Mali-U mascot... only instead of getting to wear a cute mermaid costume, she's forced to dress as a can of dolphin-safe tuna!

  • Jazz Henze was able to open the park with mimes. To carry out his plan helps him Sam. Alex and Clover have to learn what happens in reality and what their friend over to the forces of evil.

  • With Sam's something going on. Clover and Alex began to follow her and find out that Sam is with Jazz Henze when it is trying to turn in all the memes, undercover.

  • Someone attacked sushi restaurants. Jazz Henze is on the loose, and Sam start to lie to her friends about her employment in school.

  • Scientists make a startling discovery in the Antarctic--a Yeti-like snow creature frozen in a block of ice! Meanwhile, Jerry informs Sam, Clover and Alex that there have been reports of a strange being terrorizing a posh ski resort. When they arrive to investigate the luxurious place, they find that they aren't the only ones on the case - they meet Martin Mystery, a teenage paranormal investigator working for The Center -an organization much like WOOHP! In the b-story, Clover is annoyed because the nerds get a crush on her, Sam discovers she looks like Martin's sister, Diana, and Alex falls for Martin.

  • When Clover reads about the opening of a brand new underwater hotel off the coast of Malibu, she's totally psyched. Only when she tries to make a reservation, she's told that it's for VIPs only. Unless she's a movie star, pop singer or celebutante, she isn't welcome. Meanwhile, Jerry informs the girls (Sam, Clover, Alex and Britney) that water levels around the Earth are on the rise. He sends them to check it out. In a b-story, Alex gets over her jealousy of Britney.

  • It's a bright, sunny day on the Mali-U campus. As Sam, Clover, Alex and Britney stroll across the quad, they suddenly hear a strange sound. "Woohp! Woohp!" To their utter shock and surprise, they look up to see a group of students doing what appears to be the officially sanctioned WOOHP workout routine! Incredulous, they ask what's going on. That's when Mandy and Mindy tell them: "Duh. It's only the latest workout craze!" When the girls tell Jerry what's going on, he's equally as surprised and concerned. In a b-story, with Britney being drafted back into the team again, Alex's jealousies return.

  • When Sam, Clover and Alex find themselves under attack at various locations throughout Mali-U, they begin to suspect, because of the nature of the assaults, that past villains are to blame. However, when Jerry informs them that those villains are still secured in the WOOHP prison system, the girls are perplexed. It eventually becomes clear that their friend Britney is possessed from an accident involving her virtual training, causing her to change into these villains and even adopt their personalities! Can the spies rid their friend of the virtual demon that took possession of her? In a b-story, Mandy and Mindy start a smear campaign in an effort to turn everyone in the dorms against Sam, Clover and Alex, forcing the girls to go around in disguises and find evidence which can hopefully clear their names!

  • For their third and final Euro-mission, Sam, Clover and Alex are sent to check out the mysterious disappearances of various European fashion critics (including Beatrice Bash, editor of Fashion Slam! magazine). In a b-story, the girls are reacquainted with Guillaume, their former pool French boy... and this time they

  • With little happening in the world of espionage, Sam, Clover and Alex decide to take a little jaunt to the Italian countryside. They arrive at a quaint Tuscan villa that is the picture of serenity. Unfortunately, the serenity doesn't last long. In the b-story, Sam has but one wish: to visit Rome.

  • When Jerry decides it's time to take a little R&R in Europe, he brings the girls with him to work out of WOOHP's European office in Paris -which is located under the Eiffel Tower. For their first Euro-mission, when a Romanian women's gymnastics team suddenly goes missing, Jerry sends the girls in to check it out. In a b-story, Alex contacts a distant relative only to find out, after participating in a few embarrassing "family customs," that she's got the wrong person.

  • It's Greek week at Mali-U and Clover is psyched because she's going to pledge a new sorority, Phi Epsilon Phi, or PEP for short. Sam and Alex aren't too interested, especially when they discover that Mandy and her equally obnoxious cousin Mindy, whom the girls find out go to their school, are both PEP hopefuls! And the leader has a sinister plan which involves brainwashing her cronies! In a b-story, the girls each try to find a university activity to join.

  • With Blaine off on a top-secret mission, Clover tries to cheer herself up by doing all the things she loves to do -going to her fave members-only spa; shopping at her fave boutique; and eating at her fave veggie restaurant. Unfortunately, "Operation Self-Love" doesn't go quite as planned. Geraldine creates the holographic image of Clover and steals Sam's essay, ruin Alex's car and steals a WOOHP weapon. Sam and Alex yell at Clover. When Jerry calls, Clover is suspended from WOOHP. Clover is sad. Clover is framed and discovers it's all Geraldine's fault. Meanwhile, Blaine arrives at Geraldine's island, but he's kidnapped by Geraldine and calls Clover. Clover rescues Blaine, but she's kidnapped too. Meanwhile, Sam, Alex and Jerry learn everyone was framed by Geraldine. Sam and Alex arrives at Geraldine's island to save Clover. Clover and Blaine are rescued, but Geraldine has escaped from the island. She's defeated by the spies and Blaine. After Geraldine is arrested, Sam, Alex and Jerry apologize to Clover. Jerry hires Blaine to WOOHP and Blaine is sent to WOOHP Headquarters in Australia. Clover is sad, but she finds out she can visit Blaine on vacation. In a b-story, Clover faces a life where everything is turned upside down.

  • With Blaine as Clover's official boyfriend, Clover's love life is perfect. She was even convinced he was "the one." Although her love life is awesome, her spy life isn't running so smoothly. In fact, after a mission at The Groove back in Beverly Hills, where Clover gets attacked by a mysterious person, he accidentally leaves behind a small air pump for volleyballs. The pump has Mali-U's logo on it and each member of the Mali-U beach volleyball team has one - even Blaine! Will the spies find out what Blaine is really up to? In a b-story, Clover dreams about her future plans with Blaine.

  • As the girls look over the class catalogue for their first semester, they are delighted to find a course called "Espionage 101." Considering that they are actual Spies, Sam, Clover and Alex decide to sign up and get an easy "A." Once in class, the professor takes an immediate liking to the girls and commends them for their extensive knowledge of the curriculum. He even picks the girls to play the role of infiltrators in a class exercise recreating a "famous espionage" event from the past. As the girls carry out the faux mission (which involves stealing a top secret weapon which has the capacity to inflate the earth to the point of explosion) they are certain they will all get perfect grades. But what they actually end up getting is arrested. It turns out that the reenactment was a ploy by the professor to obtain a real secret weapon and have the girls take all the blame. But when the girls try to plead their case, no one believes. Can the girls break out of prison and stop the evil professor before he uses the weapon to destroy the world? In a b-story, Sam, Clover and Alex all get part-time jobs at the campus coffee shop.