As Told By Ginger

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As Told By Ginger is a show that features the life of Ginger as told in her own words. She is able to navigate life with the help of her friends, and she narrates the entire show. You will be able to see Ginger grow up, and you will see her learn life lessons that every kid must learn.

6 Seasons, 55 Episodes
October 25, 2000
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family
Cast: Melissa Disney, Kenny Blank, Jeannie Elias, Aspen Miller, Tress MacNeille
As Told By Ginger

As Told By Ginger Full Episode Guide

  • Ginger and Darren break up, and what Ginger thinks is total heartbreak ends up being a burst appendix and she's rushed to the hospital. Carl looks up to Dr. Dave as his real father after he saves Ginger's life.

  • Ginger is the only one that is nervous about moving on to high school while all her friends are embracing the change and deciding what their new activities will be once they make the big switch.

  • Ginger shocks friends and family by accepting a semester-long scholarship to an arts academy in the mountains. While Ginger makes new friends and enjoys the "being away from home" experience, Dodie, Macie and Courtney bond over missing Ginger