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  • TV-Y7
  • 2011
  • 200 Seasons
  • 6.1  (7,614)

Winx Club is an animated fantasy television series that aired on FOX from 2004 to 2019. The show follows five teenage girls who attend Alfea College, a school for fairies in the magical dimension of Magix. The main characters include Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, and Tecna. Together, they make up the Winx Club, a group of powerful fairies who use their abilities to protect their world from dark forces.

Bloom, the main protagonist, is a human girl who discovers she has magical powers after encountering a group of fairies in a park. She decides to attend Alfea College to learn more about her abilities and befriend other magical beings. Bloom is a strong-willed and determined individual who often acts as the group's leader. Stella, the fairy of the shining sun, is Bloom's best friend and roommate at Alfea. She is confident and loves fashion, often using her powers to create stunning outfits. Flora, the fairy of nature, is kind and compassionate. She has a talent for gardening and uses her abilities to heal plants and animals. Musa, the fairy of music, is a talented singer and plays multiple instruments. Tecna, the fairy of technology, is highly intelligent and uses her knowledge to create gadgets and solve problems.

As the Winx Club progresses through their studies at Alfea, they encounter various obstacles and threats to their world. One of their primary adversaries is a group called the Trix, consisting of three witches who are constantly trying to steal the Winx's powers and take over the universe. Other enemies include the evil Lord Darkar and the ancient witch, Valtor. The Winx must use their magical abilities, intelligence, and teamwork to overcome these challenges and save their world.

The show incorporates themes of friendship, love, and self-discovery as the characters navigate the challenges of growing up and developing their abilities. In addition to the main plot, each character has their own personal struggles and goals. Bloom, for instance, has a mysterious past and is constantly trying to uncover the truth about her origins. Musa struggles with accepting her identity as a fairy and her relationships with her family. Flora deals with her shyness and insecurities, while Stella confronts her fear of failure.

Throughout the series, the Winx Club travels to different parts of the magical dimension, including the Under Realm, the Realm of Magix, and the Omega Dimension. They encounter various magical creatures, including pixies, werewolves, and unicorns. The show also features a romantic subplot between Bloom and a specialist named Sky, who joins the Winx Club in their fight against the Trix.

The animation style of Winx Club is vibrant and colorful, with detailed character designs and lush backgrounds. The show blends 2D and 3D animation techniques, creating a unique visual style. The sound design incorporates catchy pop music, with each character having their own theme song.

In addition to the television series, Winx Club has spawned multiple spin-off series, as well as a line of merchandise including toys, books, and clothing. The show has garnered a dedicated fan following and is especially popular among young girls.

Overall, Winx Club is a magical adventure filled with action, friendship, and self-discovery. The characters are relatable and endearing, and viewers can't help but root for them as they overcome obstacles and save their world. The show is a testament to the power of friendship and the importance of believing in oneself.

Winx Club is a series that is currently running and has 200 seasons (252 episodes). The series first aired on August 18, 2011.

Winx Club
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The Phoenix Revealed
26. The Phoenix Revealed
March 18, 2006
Lord Darkar uses his evil spells to take control of Bloom. With her power, he can unlock the mystic Relix and rule all the Magic Dimensions. Flora, Stella, Musa, Layla and Tecna come to her rescue. All of the WINX face an impossible challenge against the great mastermind of evil, the Shadow Phoenix.
Face to Face with the Enemy
25. Face to Face with the Enemy
March 18, 2006
In order to rescue Bloom from the evil Lord Darkar, the Fairies, Pixies and Specialists storm his underground castle. Faced with the crafty TRIX witches and an army of Shadow Monsters, the rescuers work together using magic and the Specialists' amazing vehicles. But as they fight, Lord Darkar's dark magic is turning Bloom toward evil!
Darkar's Prisoner
24. Darkar's Prisoner
March 11, 2006
The demonic Lord Darkar kidnaps Bloom. The remaining Fairies, along with the Pixies and the Specialists, set out on a rescue mission. Sky is especially worried. However, in order to reach Lord Darkar's underground fortress, Brandon will have to ask for help from the high-strung Princess of Downland, Amentia.
The Time for Truth
23. The Time for Truth
March 11, 2006
The Pixies have fallen ill, so Layla and Flora take them back to the Tree of Life for help. But the Tree of Life is sick too, and it's up to Flora to find out why. Meanwhile, Lord Darkar shifts his plan to catch Bloom into high gear. His spy among the Fairies is revealed, but will it be too late to save Bloom?
Danger in the Wildland
22. Danger in the Wildland
March 4, 2006
Bloom and her friends are trapped in the forest with the evil TRIX witches hot on their heels. Unable to fully use their magic, the Fairies and Specialists must rely on their wits. Timmy comes up with a plan to trick the TRIX, but his mistakes have got the WINX in trouble more than once. Will Timmy finally save the day?
Charmix Power
21. Charmix Power
March 4, 2006
Lord Darkar sends the TRIX into the Wildlands to capture Bloom, who is vacationing with the Fairies and Specialists. Icy, Stormy and Darcy use their magic to send an army of forest creatures after them. In the confusion, Layla and Stella are separated from the others and surrounded by monsters.
Pixie Village
20. Pixie Village
February 25, 2006
The WINX girls, the Specialists and the Pixies all travel to the Wildlands for a little rest and some skiing. When trouble strikes, Bloom and the others find that magic doesn't work in the Wildlands. Meanwhile, Professor Avalon falls ill because of a poisonous plant and the little pixie Livi races against time to save him.
The Spy in the Shadows
19. The Spy in the Shadows
February 25, 2006
Professor Avalon sends Bloom on a magical journey to learn more about her powers. However, Bloom encounters a mysterious Shadow Virus that gives her a severe attitude adjustment. The WINX and Pixies have to stop Bloom before she steals the magical Alfea Codex for Lord Darkar.
In the Heart of Cloud Tower
18. In the Heart of Cloud Tower
February 18, 2006
Bloom and the other WINX Fairies are trying to defend the Cloud Tower School for Witches from the evil TRIX. However, the WINX are split up, and each girl's weak point is revealed. Then the TRIX find a way to control Cloud Tower itself, turning the entire school into an evil monster!
Twinning With The Witches
17. Twinning With The Witches
February 18, 2006
The three TRIX, Stormy, Icy and Darcy, return to the Cloud Tower School for Witches. Bloom and the other WINX must enroll at Cloud Tower to help protect it against evil. They have no luck working together with the witches, and the Cloud Tower aura of discord even turns the WINX against one another.
16. Hallowinx!
February 11, 2006
The Winx girls take a break to celebrate Halloween in Gardenia. They are invited to a party by Bloom's old enemy, Mitzi. But Jolly, the pixie of the cards, predicts great danger for the whole crew. Mitzi plans a mean prank on the WINX, however it's the quick witted pixies who will be the life of the party!
The Show Must Go On!
15. The Show Must Go On!
February 4, 2006
Musa and the other WINX are putting on a dance show at the Red Fountain tournament. However, Musa's father, the strict Hoe-Bo, disapproves of his daughter's childish antics. He comes to the tournament to make Musa leave the WINX and the Alfea School! But then Stormy sneaks into the tournament, determined to get revenge on Musa by attacking her father.
Battle on Planet Eraklyon
14. Battle on Planet Eraklyon
January 28, 2006
Prince Sky returns home to the Kingdom of Eraklyon with Bloom, Flora and Brandon. The evil warlord Yoshinoya has kidnapped Sky's former fiancée, Diaspro. Bloom fights to save Diaspro, even though she's a rival for Sky's heart. But Yoshinoya has employed an unstoppable team of techno-ninjas that may spell the end for Sky and the others.
The Invisible Pixies
13. The Invisible Pixies
December 3, 2005
Bloom takes Layla, Musa and Stella back to her home on Earth for some rest and relaxation. Layla and Musa decide to unwind at a dance club, but they find it's a hideout for some sinister characters. Will Musa become the best friend Layla has always wanted, or have the two Fairies just danced into danger?
Win-x Together!
12. Win-x Together!
November 26, 2005
Musa meets a new Specialist who has a crush on her, but she still has feelings for Riven. Meanwhile, Bloom and the other WINX learn to combine spells. But when the Simulator Room malfunctions, the girls have to perfect their new magic or be trapped forever.
Race Against Time
11. Race Against Time
November 19, 2005
While the Pixies are playing happily at the Alfea School for Fairies, they are struck with an evil magic spell. The spell makes them homesick for Pixie Village and they set off towards home. But the evil Lord Darkar plans to follow them and learn the location of their hidden village. It's Pixie against Fairy as Bloom and the others try to stop them.
The Crypt of the Codex
10. The Crypt of the Codex
November 12, 2005
At the Red Fountain School for Specialists, Bloom and Tecna are visiting Sky and Timmy. Just then, the evil TRIX witches attack, trying to steal the Red Fountain Codex. The witches' new powers are too strong for the WINX Fairies, and Sky is hurt in the battle. Will Timmy save the day, or is the Codex lost?
Professor Avalon's Secret
9. Professor Avalon's Secret
November 5, 2005
A new professor has come to the Alfea School for Fairies, and the school is in an uproar. Professor Avalon is tall, handsome and can fly with shimmering, angelic wings. Even Bloom can't take her eyes off of him, much to Sky's disappointment. But is this new professor everything he seems, or is something amiss?
Party Crasher
8. Party Crasher
October 29, 2005
Sky and the Specialists invite the Fairies to a grand opening party at the Red Fountain School. There, Flora meets the handsome poet, Helia. But while everyone is at the party, the TRIX sneak into the school. The Specialists and the WINX Fairies end up working together in the fight of their lives against Lord Darkar's biggest Shadow Monster yet.
The Mysterious Stone
7. The Mysterious Stone
October 22, 2005
Bloom and Stella bring their new Pixie friends to the Alfea School for Faries. They are reunited with the other WINX, but now there is a new menace. A monolith made of evil magic has appeared at school, and even the WINX girls' most powerful spells cannot destroy it.
Runaway Groom
6. Runaway Groom
October 15, 2005
With the help of the Pixies, Bloom and the others travel to Downland. The Specialist Brandon is trapped there. Unless the Fairies can reach him, he'll be forced to marry the crazy Princess Amentia. With the wedding ceremony already in motion, Bloom and Stella race through the streets of Downland with an army of royal guards at their heels.
Magic Bonding
5. Magic Bonding
October 8, 2005
Bloom and the others attack Lord Darkar's stronghold, determined to free the Pixies from his prison. However, their path is blocked by Stormy, Darcy and Icy - the three TRIX witches. Lord Darkar has given the TRIX new magic items that magnify their powers, allowing them to repel the Fairies easily!
Princess Améntia
4. Princess Améntia
October 1, 2005
Stella and Brandon are separated from their friends and find themselves in the strange underground kingdom of Downland. The lack of sunlight drains Stella's powers, making her very weak. Brandon is in even greater danger, as the crazy Princess Amentia of Downland decides to marry him!
The Rescue Mission
3. The Rescue Mission
September 24, 2005
Layla leads Bloom and Stella back to Lord Darkar's castle with the help of the Specialists. Lord Darkar has captured Layla' friends, the sprightly Pixies, and the Fairies are determined to help them before it's too late. But the underground path is treacherous and filled with monsters.
Up To Their Old Trix
2. Up To Their Old Trix
September 17, 2005
Bloom and the other WINX help their new friend Layla recover from her ordeal as Lord Darkar's prisoner. Meanwhile, Lord Darkar is furious over the failure of his Shadow Monsters, and decides to enlist more evil allies. He attacks Lightrock Monastery and frees the WINX's old enemies - the TRIX!
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  • Premiere Date
    August 18, 2011
  • IMDB Rating
    6.1  (7,614)