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Nature Cat is a children's show that teaches its audience about nature and the world we live in. This show is intended for younger audiences and gives factual information about nature. Fred is a normal housecat who goes on not so normal adventures. When his family leaves for the day, he explores the great outdoors taking on the title "Nature Cat." Because he is a house pet, Fred does not have very many natural instincts. With the help of his friends, Hal the dog, Squeeks the mouse, and Daisy the bunny, he learns new information about the outside world.

The friends are able to apply what they have learned while exploring to whatever problems they are facing. In one of the episodes, Nature Cat is challenged to a game of hide-and-seek. He is not very secure in his hiding abilities, but with the help of his friends, he learns a new hiding technique from nature.

Monday on PBS Kids
9 Seasons, 72 Episodes
November 25, 2015
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Taran Killam
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Nature Cat Full Episode Guide

  • It's time to find The Six Secrets of the Prairie with the help of Daisy's prairie scope. Then, Hal hugs his favorite maple tree and accidentally tastes the sap coming from it!

  • Turtle hatching season has arrived! But before the pregnant turtles can begin laying their eggs, they need to get to the forest. Then, Nature Cat, Hal and Squeeks get excited for a music festival.

  • When Nature Cat and his pals spend the day playing Wild Animal Rescue, they come across a little baby fox who needs help! Then, Sadie hurt her paw and must wear a cone for a whole month while it heals.

  • Fred and his friends create stories for Nature Stories day. Hal attempts to decorate his dog house.

  • Steve discovers that his burrow is gone. The group finds out who was throwing things at Daisy at the tunnel.

  • Chris and Martin Kratt from "Wild Kratts" show up as two bat brothers whose tree home has been destroyed. Nature Cat and his friends help a Baltimore oriole with an injured wing.

  • Squeeks tells her friends a spooky story of a creature that looks like a snake and swims in the river. Then, Nature Cat confidently accepts a challenge by Ronald to compete in the Neighborhood Rock-Skipping Championship of the World.

  • A fun day playing in the snow takes a turn for Hal when he remembers that he left his favorite dog toy Mr. Chewinsky outside! Then, while playing in their backyard, Nature Cat and his pals become contestants on a game show.

  • Nature Cat and his pals find a cute little baby lizard in their yard! Then, when beetles threaten the health of Nature Cat's garden, he enlists the help of his pals to rid his growing vegetable plants of those pesky, leaf-eating bugs.

  • Wild Daisy Knickknack, Nature Cat Kid, Sundown Squeeks, and their authentic western horse-poke, Hal, are on a Wild West adventure searching for wildflowers! Then, Squeeks has the winter blues. She feels like it's been winter forever!

  • It's picture day and Daisy wants to take a perfect portrait of the group to send to Granny Bunny for her birthday. Then, Squeeks really wants to earn her Mousy Scouts' Fossil Badge at tonight's meeting, but she doesn't have a fossil!

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