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This animated children's series follows the adventurous of a mouse journalist as he chases stories and solves problems. The TV series is based on a series of books from creator Elisabetta Dami. The TV series debuted in 2009 on Italy's Rai 2 network. Geronimo Stilton is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (49 episodes). The series first aired on .

Where do I stream Geronimo Stilton online? Geronimo Stilton is available for streaming on Global Genesis Group, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Geronimo Stilton on demand at Sling online.

Global Genesis Group
2 Seasons, 49 Episodes
Cast: Brian Drummond, Erin Mathews, Richard Ian Cox, Sarah Edmondson
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Geronimo Stilton Full Episode Guide

  • Thea meets a dashing adventurer who invites her and the other Stiltons to accompany him on an expedition to the Amazon. But when it turns out that the adventurer is an imposter who's only interest is stealing a priceless artifact and is using the Stiltons to help him do so, the family finds itself in peril

  • Geronimo is thrilled to get a chance to interview the esteemed singer, Diva Parmezani. But when the Diva's good luck necklace is stolen and she vows to never sing again, Geronimo vows to help her find the ruby and ultimately proves to her that her career isn't a result of luck, but her natural talent

  • Geronimo uses a Universal Animal Translator device to interview an injured baby gorilla that Thea had rescued in the wilderness. When the gorilla alerts him to the possibility of animals in Africa being in danger, the Stiltons travel to Africa - with the translating device - in order to talk to the animals and get to the bottom of the mystery.

  • When Geronimo's magician friend, The Great Spiedini, makes the Great Sphinx of Cheeza disappear and can't make it reappear, the Stiltons travel to Egypt to investigate whether real magic or foul play is to blame

  • When Benjamin, Pandora and Trap decide they want to learn karate, Geronimo decides to take them to the home of the best teachers in the world - the Dojo of the Ratjitsu. But when they arrive, they're in for a big surprise. The leader of the Dojo, Geronimo's friend, The Caretaker, has been replaced by none other than the evil villain, Chippy P Crunchrat who claims to have gone straight

  • Benjamin and Pandora find an ancient document that appears to be directions to the legendary Fountain of Youth, right there in New Mouse City! The Stiltons set out on a quest to find the fountain unaware that Sally Rasmaussen is following them, waiting to trip them up and get the scoop!

  • When polar icebergs start to disappear, melting instantly and threatening coastal areas around the world, the Stiltons head to the Arctic to investigate what's causing the phenomenon. Trap is convinced it's the work of aliens. Could it possibly be that he's right?

  • The surfing contest Thea is competing in is shut down when a large and dangerous shark threatens the surfers. The mystery deepens when it turns out that the shark was released into the local waters by someone at a nearby aquarium. The Stiltons investigate why someone is so desperate to stop the competition from taking place

  • Geronimo is put in jail after being framed to make it look like he robbed the Natural History Museum. When Trap makes his plight worse by serving as Geronimo's lawyer, it's up to Benjamin and Thea to investigate who framed him. The trail leads them to a dangerous scientist with plans to create a new and dangerous species.

  • When Trap mistakes Professor Von Volt's experiemental shrink ray for a high definition TV camera, he ends up shrinking himself and Geronimo to miniscule proportions. The Stiltons face unexpected obstacles and dangers, like vacuum cleaners and excitable dogs, as they attempt to restore themselves to size

  • When Geronimo's friend, a high-profile inventor of high-tech devices, disappears without a trace in the mysterious Bergouda Triangle, Geronimo, Benjamin and Thea head to the area to investigate. Meanwhile, Pandora and Trap, huge fans of the pop star, Fresh Curds, tag along in hopes of meeting their idol who's on Bergouda Island for a concert

  • The Stiltons travel to the great north woods to investigate the existence of Big Toes, a legendary creature said to be part mouse, part monster! On their search, they discover a magnificent, one of a kind tree that's threatened by a heartless road builder. The Stiltons team up with the local tribe of indigenous mice to save the tree

  • Trap is thrilled to learn that he's descended from Scottish royalty and has inherited a castle. But when the Stiltons travel to Scotland he's much less thrilled to discover that his clan is embroiled in a centuries-old feud with a rival clan and, as the clan's leader, he's bound by tradition to battle for his people's honor.

  • The appearance of a mermouse in the waters off Santa Gouda is causing shipwrecks and the Stiltons go there to check it out. While the gang looks for clues to who or what this mysterious creature really is, Trap falls for the mermouse's song and endangers all of them.

  • When Geronimo buys a fashion magazine, the editor and photographer of the magazine, Dondina and Lars, drag him and his family across the globe for a series of photo shoots. But a string of spectacular robberies point to Dondina and Lars as the culprits, and Geronimo must get to the bottom of it.

  • Sally announces on television that she has discovered a real life cave mouse. Geronimo is suspicious and he and the gang go to check it out. When they learn, to their shock, that the cave mouse is real and that Sally is exploiting him for personal gain, they decide to free the cave mouse and help him escape back to prehistoric times. But things aren't as they seem.

  • Benjamin and Pandora win a tour of Chauncey's world famous secret cheese factory. But when Chauncey's newest and most secret new cheese disappears, Ben and Pandora must search the unusual factory to discover who stole it.

  • The King of Whiskiristan invites the Stiltons to his country for a millennial celebration, including a balloon race, the winner of which will receive the priceless Emerald Chest. To Geronimo's chagrin, the king plans on competing in the contest, and expects him to compete as well! But when mysterious "accidents" start to befall the king, the Stiltons must discover who wants to get rid of him.

  • When a ghostly figure appears in the old west town of Cactus Gulch, scaring away most of the residents, Geronimo and the gang go there to solve the mystery. At first, it looks like the Creepy Cowboy is really Wade Whiskers, grandson of Wily Whiskers, who swore revenge on the town. But Geronimo suspects there may be more to this mystery than meets the eye.

  • The Stiltons go on vacation to Mousta Rica. Benjamin and Thea go into the jungle looking for the legendary Temple of the Dragon's Gasp, while Geronimo tries to catch some much needed rest and relaxation. But when Benjamin and Thea think they see a real dragon and get chased deep into the jungle, the Stiltons all get pulled into a mystery that involves a lost tribe and an evil plot by Crunchrat.

  • Benjamin is handed a mysterious envelope and told to get it to Chester T. No one knows who Chester T. is, but they do discover that the envelope contains a mysterious recipe. What is this recipe for? Who is Chester T.? The answers to these questions become even more critical when Geronimo is kidnapped and the gang must figure out where he is and how to rescue him.

  • A pretty young mouse named Mouselyn tells the Stiltons that Geronimo has been shipwrecked while on an expedition. They all go out to sea in the Meta-mouse to find Geronimo, only to discover he's been kidnapped by pirates, and Mouselyn is in on it! The pirates plan to use the Meta-mouse to retrieve a sunken treasure, and it's up to Thea and Benjamin to stop them.

  • Benjamin guesses the correct number of jellybeans in a jar and wins a trip to Egypt. Thinking that this will make a good story, the whole gang goes to Egypt, where they meet up with Geronimo's archaeologist friend, Professor Jafari. Jafari tells them that tomb robbers have been stealing precious artifacts and that an amazing treasure - Ra's golden scepter - could be next.

  • Geronimo's former professor, Franz Ravenrat, tries to steal all of the information in the world and use it to power his Databots and take over the world. His first information theft causes all of the computers at Benjamin's school to black out just as Benjamin is showing off his new electronic pet, Max. As a result, Max gets the blame. Meanwhile, when Geronimo and Thea try to stop Ravenrat, the v

  • Operation Shufongfong

  • When Pandora's pet hamster "Mr. Nibbles" runs off, it leads her and Benjamin to the long forgotten Whiskerfur Castle, where ghostly specters can be seen and creepy sounds heard. Our heroes search the estate and find more than just a little hamster hidden inside.

  • Being too busy to attend an experiment on intelligence, Geronimo sends his cousin Trap instead. But something goes wrong and Trap returns changed, smart, and really annoying. Our heroes have to get the old Trap back fast before he remains permanently smart.

  • The Tour de Mouse has come to New Mouse City and Geronimo's friend, Jacques Fromage, is a champion bike racer who's been plagued with a string of bad luck. It's up to Geronimo to get to the bottom of the cause and help his friend get back into the race.

  • A stalwart hero is doing good deeds all over New Mouse City - and yet, Geronimo suspects there's something unusual about the whole affair since the Gator's antics seem to be only set-ups for stories in Sally's newspaper.

  • Benjamin and Pandora get invited to test a new, exciting, video game system, only they discover too much about where it came from and are held prisoner by the company's owner. Geronimo, Trap, and Thea come to the rescue and find themselves stuck in a fight for their lives.

  • In an effort to help the New Mouse Playhouse keep themselves in business, Geronimo agrees to do a big story on their latest production - however, strange things begin happening around the theatre that threaten the production.

  • Cheese is vanishing from all over New Mouse City, even the emergency reserves! Smelling a big scoop, Geronimo is on the story, only to find himself at the center of the cheese mystery and facing off with the fearsome criminal.

  • Geronimo is entrusted with the latest fashion secret from a top designer, but Sally is after the information and she uses every dirty trick she can to get the scoop for herself, and leaves Geronimo fighting to clear his good name.

  • African spirits are restless in the New Mouse City Museum. Reporting on the events leads Geronimo and company on a trek to Africa to learn the secret of an adventurer who vanished without a trace long ago.

  • Geronimo's house is a mess! His days are too busy with all of life's little details to get everything done, so Benjamin suggests that he advertise to get some help around the house. The quirky Professor Cheesewheel answers Geronimo's ad, offering to make Geronimo's house fully automatic and provide him with a robot butler to tend to his every need.

  • Geronimo and Company find Intrigue when they board a train

  • Benjamin and Trap feel that Geronimo is over-worked and so they concoct a story to lure him away from his desk, it's a story about a sea-monster terrorizing the New Mouse City harbor. In an effort to prove to his cousin and nephew that there are no such things as sea monsters, Geronimo goes along. Once at the harbor things take a turn for the worse, our heroes find themselves held captive by the

  • Geronimo seems to be acting out of character, and getting blamed for all sorts of bad things that he swears he never did! After investigating, our heroes discover that Sally has hired a Geronimo look-alike, " Tortelius Strudel ", to ruin Geronimo's reputation. Geronimo decides to beat Sally at her own game and passes himself off as Tortelius and foils her plans.

  • At the New Mouse City Museum strange things are happening, there are reports of a mummy walking around the Museum at night and even during the day, frightening visitors. Certain that there's a logical explanation to all this Geronimo agrees to do a story to PROVE that there's no mummy. It turns out there is a mummy walking around, but it's really a famous thief named "Shadow" who is behind it al

  • Geronimo gets invited to visit the set of an action movie by his long-time director friend. Thinking that this will make a great story, Geronimo and company go to the shoot. But then a mysterious string of bad luck keeps befalling the movie shoot. Turns out that the film's star has discovered gold in the mine that they're shooting in, and wants to keep everyone away and the gold for himself.