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Blazing Team is a new boys comedy action - adventure series from Hasbro Studios. As a mysterious 'darkness' rises, a group of heroic teens is assembled to harness the awesome mystical power of YO KWON DO, a practice that defeats evil by blending the skill of yo-yo with the martial art of Kung Fu.

Blazing Team is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on November 13, 2015.

Where do I stream Blazing Team online? Blazing Team is available for streaming on Discovery Family, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Blazing Team on demand at Amazon online.

Discovery Family
1 Season, 26 Episodes
November 13, 2015
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family
Cast: Jamie Anderson
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Blazing Team Full Episode Guide

  • Lao Shi and Yao Long finally face off at the Nexus, with dire consequences for Lao Shi. In the wake of the battle, the team escapes with Lao Shi's yo- yo, so Johnny goes after it to prove his worth to Yao Long. Meanwhile, Yao Long begins working at the Nexus to put the next wave of his reign of darkness into motion. Martina joins the team in an effort to help lead them in Lao Shi's absence, encouraging them to fight for the side of Light if they want to win this war.

  • Lao Shi is captured trying to stop Belloc from powering up the dark half of the Nexus. Belloc sends the Order of Anarchy across Union City to distract the Blazing Team while he deals with Lao Shi. The team realizes what's happening and gets to the Nexus just in time to see Belloc reactivate the Black Nexus Stone and release a terrible surprise.

  • The team meets MARTINA, a light-shard-collecting, double-white yo-yo wielding Yo Kwon Do fighter, who reveals Lao Shi�۪s role in the destruction of the Nexus. Lao Shi admits the truth about what happened many centuries ago... and knows it is up to him to deal with Martina, whose shard-collecting activity in Union City troubles him greatly.

  • A youth center volunteer is infected by the Darkness, giving him the power to teleport. When he uses his new power against his sleazy landlord, the Scorpion from the Order of Anarchy, the Blazing Team must step in and stop them both.

  • Light Shard-infected food court worker uses his newly-acquired telekinesis to stand up for himself against an overbearing boss. Wilson, likewise, has trouble standing up for his ideas when the team makes plans to stop Belloc.

  • With Belloc and Shaw confirmed to be one and the same, Lao Shi sends Parker on a dangerous mission to stay close to their enemy and learn as much as he can about Belloc�۪s plan. Meanwhile, Johnny returns to the Blazing Team, regretful for his behavior and wanting a second chance... or does he?

  • Maddie enters a mixed martial arts tournament where she faces an old Kung Fu rival who has since trained in a variety of styles. Bested my Maddie yet again, her rival becomes infected by a dark shard, giving him the power to stretch his body like Plastic Man, a power he uses to great effect in the tournament. Meanwhile Scott and Wilson wonder why Lao Shi and Parker are avoiding them.

  • Parker loses control of his Darkness-infected yo-yo, making the Blazing Team's job that much harder when they must stop a teenage boy infected by a Light Shard, giving him the power to re-order his world to be like his favorite video game.

  • A teen inventor's yo-yo wielding robot gets infected by dark energy and wreaks havoc on the city. Wilson begins to believe that his and the Blazing Team's time is too valuable to waste on every little problem.

  • The museum curator is re-assigned to the Paleontology dept. and blames Yo Kwon Do for the demotion. She is infected by fossilized shards at a dig, allowing her to manipulate the dinosaur bones and seek her revenge. Meanwhile, Parker sets off to bring Johnny back into the fold.

  • Scott's desire to power up his yo-yo ends up getting him infected by a Dark Shard and giving him the power to fly. When the team finds out and tries to stop him he sets off to find and defeat Johnny to prove that he's still one of the good guys, and it's up to Parker to bring him down to earth.

  • Archeologist HANK CROFT finds a geode filled with dark shards. In a multi- shard infections, he turns into a rock monster and rages across Union City. In an effort to stop Hank's rampage, Parker and Scott form an uneasy alliance with Belloc and Johnny.

  • A disgruntled professional wrestler is recruited by Belloc. His totem is a raging bull. Wilson learns that his size can be an asset and powers up.

  • Scott's hero, extreme athlete JACK FALCON, is infected by a shard that lets him make copies of himself at will. As Falcon wreaks havoc on everyone who's pulling him in different directions, Scott struggles with his single-minded focus to be the leader of the Blazing Team.

  • We meet OTTO KRUMHOLZ, the Team's biggest fan. When he's shunned and mocked by Wilson, a one-time friend, Otto finds himself imbalanced and infected by a dark shard, whose power he uses to wreak technological havoc. This keeps the Team busy while Belloc collects more shards for a diabolical plan.

  • The team faces off against a shard-infected nosey neighbor with a thousand eyes as Wilson struggles with his obsession over gadgets, technology, and the internet.

  • When seismologist DAN ANDREAS is infected with Dark Energy, he develops the ability to cause earthquakes when he punches the ground. The Blazing Team is already on unsure footing when Belloc joins the fight, revealing Johnny as his protege. Maddie is injured in the ensuing battle. Parker gets a power-up that saves his teammates but could ultimately doom him.

  • An aspiring cook has his recipe stolen by an established chef. Infected by a Dark Shard that covers his body in mystical dark flame, he seeks his revenge. Meanwhile, Maddie learns that there's such a thing as too much truth.

  • When a circus ringmaster and his star elephant are infected with Dark Energy, Wilson and Parker must learn to value each other's contributions and work together in order to stop their rampage through Union City.

  • A sleazy real estate mogul sets his sights on owning the Blazing Team HQ- high rise by any means necessary, using a newly created double-black yo- yo (given to him by Belloc) as a means to this end. Meanwhile, Wilson's obsession with Lao Shi's past lands him and Parker in hot water in a rough part of town.

  • A terrible magician with delusions of grandeur gets infected by a Dark Shard allowing him to pull Dark Energy out of his hat that he passes off as magic. Meanwhile, Parker's practice of Yo Kwon Do to the exclusion of all else draws the ire of his mother.

  • One of Scott's friends is infected with Dark Energy when he touches a mysterious rock, giving the Blazing Team their first big challenge. Belloc wants the rock shard for himself, but when Johnny tries to stop him, he gets more than he bargained for.

  • When darkness falls over Union City, a group of teenagers are chosen to fight against chaos brought on by the world's imbalance by using YO KWON DO, an ancient fighting style that combines martial arts with yo-yo trickery.