Watch TV Shows on Discovery Family

Discovery Family Channel is packed with friendly shows and series. With entertainment providing laughs at the behest of pet dogs and cats, to the show Candy Queen. There are animated series such as the Transformer series, Pound Puppies and Littlest Pet Shop available to entertain the entire family. It is not uncommon to have marathons of some animated series. Iconic movies such as Stuart Little 2 and 101 Dalmatians are examples of films that can be seen.

Bad Dog!, captures man’s best friend in compromised situations such as stealing family meals from the kitchen counter or dining room table. Or they can be found in the closet chewing a very expensive pair of shoes.

Cat 101 is a view into the world of our furry pals which speak the language of meow. Viewers will receive insight regarding what makes cats tick and ways to make them purr loudly.

Funniest Pet and People ties the relationship of pet and owners into a funny showcase of pets wearing sunglasses or dancing to a tune. Viewers will be inspired to capture their pet related antics.

The Transformer series includes the shows Transformers: Generation 1, Transformers Prime and Transformers Rescue Bots. Each episode takes the viewer into the next saga of the Transformer’s mission to save mankind.

Pound Puppies is a series where different breeds of puppies are friends that have a secret life their owners no nothing about. Episodes find them constantly dealing with drama of everyday life as family pets.

Littlest Pet Shop follows the journey of Blythe and her pet Vinnie on adventures at home and on the road. In one episode Blythe is in Hollywood for vacation when she is inadvertently included in a dance show.