Dinosaurs: The Untold Story

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Could the Dinosaurs be the Dragons of lore or were they truly wiped out with a comet? Dinosaurs: The Untold Story is a four (4) part series that aims to discover the truths behind the life and death of the Dinosaurs. Learn if these giants of 135 million years ago truly walked the earth alone or if some managed to survive long enough to become entangled into myths and folklores that we know now.

Learn how the dinosaurs cared for their young, adapt to their changing world and how they worked with each other to survive it.

Mondays 8:00 PM et/pt on Discovery Family
1 Season, 4 Episodes
March 16, 2015
Nature, History, Mini-Series
Dinosaurs: The Untold Story

Dinosaurs: The Untold Story Full Episode Guide

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  • Episode 4 - End of Days

    As the age of the dinosaurs comes to a close, get an intimate look at Tyrannosaurus Rex, from nesting in pairs to raising their young - see the earth’s greatest predator as you never have before – the gentle and protective side!

  • Episode 3 - Adapt or Die

    How does an orphaned baby dinosaur survive? In this film we see how the dangerous world of the dinosaurs is often a numbers game. From dinosaurs hunting in packs - to the vast herds of plant eaters, new discoveries reveal how dinosaurs relied on each other to survive.

  • Episode 2 - Time of the Monsters

    The arrival of a brand new terrifying species of predator dinosaur may spell disaster for one of the most powerful carnivores ruling the Jurassic period. The battle for dominance comes alive with a visit to an ancient watering hole where massive predatory, carnivores battle it out.

  • Episode 1 - The Birth of the Dinosaurs

    How did dinosaurs come to dominate the planet? Did dinosaurs all have feathers? Were they actually very good parents? Using new discoveries we reach back in time millions of years to examine how they survived and evolved from the tiny Eoraptor, the size of a dog to the giant T-Rex.