Watch TV Shows on PBS Kids

Current PBS Kids programming is nothing like the PBS Kids programming of the past. In the past, when a child was put in front of the television and asked what they wanted to watch, unless it was Sesame Street, typically PBS was the last option a child would chose. However, as the great Bob Dylan emphatically stated, the times, they are a' changin'. PBS Kids has revamped their lineup. The endgame is still the same, educating children. They are still rich in educational content and morality is still their strong suit. It's how the message is conveyed that has kids interested in PBS.

PBS Kids has a strong lineup that doesn't disappoint. "Sesame Street" is still running and has managed to stay 100% relevant despite the age of the show. Along with "Sesame Street" is "Peg+Cat", a show about a little girl named Peg who, along with her cat, named Cat, solves everyday problems using her incredible math skills. "Word Girl" is a show where the heroine of the show uses her incredible intellect and mastery over the English language to defeat her enemies. A new show the PBS Kids lineup boasts is "Odd Squad", a show in which the protagonists use mathematical concepts to save the day.