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In this animated series, a lovable dog and his friends are members of an after-school club in which the pursue adventures and projects. The series teaches young viewers how to take on responsibilities and work together to achieve goals. It airs on the CBeebies network. Hey Duggee is a series that is currently running and has 8 seasons (123 episodes). The series first aired on July 6, 2016.

Where do I stream Hey Duggee online? Hey Duggee is available for streaming on , both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Hey Duggee on demand at Apple TV+, Amazon Prime, Amazon, Vudu, Noggin, FuboTV, The Roku Channel, Sling, Google Play, iTunes, Nick Jr. online.

8 Seasons, 123 Episodes
July 6, 2016
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Isaac Acevedo, Santiago André, Matita Ferreira, Jasmine Bartholomew
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Hey Duggee Full Episode Guide

  • Duggee is painting in his favourite colouring book. The Squirrels want to join in. When it's Norrie's turn she can't find the paint colour she wants. But Duggee has his Colour Badge, he can mix colours together to make new ones!

  • Duggee is getting ready to harvest the ripe crops that have grown. The squirrels remember when they planted their seeds, watered them, and left them to grow, and now it's time to help Duggee pick them all.

  • The squirrels wonder what Duggee is up to - he seems to be looking through a long stick out of the window. What's that, Duggee? Duggee explains that it's a telescope, and he's looking at things far far Space!

  • It's time for the annual Animal Obstacle Course Race- the animals need to work together in teams to complete the course. Duggee has his Obstacle Course badge, together with the squirrels they form a team and the fun begins.

  • The Squirrels are rushing around, so Duggee shows them how to enjoy things at a slower pace. However, they come across Tortoise who needs to get to the hospital as his wife is having babies. Duggee and the Squirrels need to get him there fast!

  • Happy discovers his wobbly tooth has come out, but he's lost it! He's having a problem remembering where he was when it fell out. The squirrels start to look for it but they can't find the tooth anywhere. Time to think carefully and remember!

  • Tino and Eugene are having a disagreement about an amateur dramatic show they want to put on. One wants an all singing all dancing extravaganza while the other, a serious drama. Can Duggee and the squirrels help them get something ready to perform?

  • The sun is setting, and the squirrels are sitting on the sofa. They've had a very busy day. Suddenly all the lights go out! POP! Oh dear, there's been a power cut. The squirrels can't see anything! Thanks, goodness Duggee has got his torch, and he has torches for everyone.

  • Duggee is cleaning his biscuit tin collection, one of the many things he collects. The squirrels inspired to make their own collections. They busy themselves doing the collecting bit, and then display their precious things in the clubhouse.

  • It's one of those days. The squirrels have arrived and they're all a little bit ... hyped up with bundles of energy. Things are starting to get a bit frantic, and Duggee needs to calm them all down. Fortunately, he has his Yoga Badge.

  • Duggee has a package that needs delivering right at the other end of the river, and a long way from the clubhouse. It looks like the squirrels are going to have a day out on the boat. Good job Duggee has his River badge!

  • The Squirrels help Duggee try out his new outdoor pizza oven. Duggee makes the bases, then the Squirrels each put on all the toppings they like best. Some of their combinations are ... interesting!

  • Duggee is playing with his train set. Choo-choo! It's amazing! The squirrels are curious and want to know all about it. Duggee explains that it is a toy but it works exactly like a real train. Hennie arrives and she has a train too. The squirrels ask if they can play with it. You can't play with it; you can play IN it says Hennie.

  • Duggee is going to make the squirrels juice from the garden. Whilst picking the fruit, the squirrels meet a little bug, full of woes about being too small.

  • A box full of bits and pieces is delivered to the Clubhouse and the Squirrels are excited. Duggee and the Squirrels are going to have to work hard to put it all together. Time for a bit of teamwork.

  • Duggee is having a lovely cup of tea in his favourite cup when Roly surprises him with a very loud peek-a-boo! It is so loud that Duggee jumps and drops his cup which shatters into pieces.

  • Duggee's made some delicious pancakes, but the clubhouse is out of honey. Time for the bees to get busy!