Watch TV Shows on Akiyoshi Hongo, Toei Animation

Akiyoshi Hongo is an online digital media distribution channel that specializes in Japanese television shows. It features series, movies, and "still" content in the form of magazines. Akiyoshi Hongo is the name of the creator of the animation series called Digimon. Known for his groundbreaking art direction, design, and storytelling, Akyoshi enjoyed international acclaim for his work.

He turned his passion for creating entertaining and transcendental media into a company that would act as a platform for distributing Japanese anime. There are multiple forms of content on the channel. The televisions series are available for live streaming from any capable device that is connected to the internet. Digimon, Akira, and Shogun are just some of the available programs. In addition, feature-length films are distributed on the platform for download. Finally, the written content is in the form of comic books, both modern and current, that users can view live on the website or download to their device for later viewing.

While most of the content is free to use and distribute, some of the shows and other media require a payment to secure the rights to access them. It appears content consumers are enjoying the company's offerings, as its digital platform is continuing to grow, with over 150,000 new users in the last 5 years.