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  • TV-MA
  • 2007
  • 1 Season
  • 8.0  (15,068)

Claymore is a fantasy-action anime series that first aired in 2007, based on a manga series of the same name by Norihiro Yagi. The story of Claymore takes place in a dark world where humans live amidst a constant threat of monster attacks. The show follows the journey of a young boy named Raki and a group of Claymores, female warriors with half-human, half-monster powers, as they fight to protect humanity from the monstrous Yoma.

The show's protagonist is Clare, a powerful Claymore who takes Raki under her wing after his family is killed by a Yoma. Clare is known for her incredible strength, speed, and endurance. She is also known for her "awakening" ability, which allows her to momentarily access her Yoma powers during a battle. Throughout the series, Clare learns to trust her fellow Claymores and becomes more reliant on her own abilities as a fighter.

The other Claymores in the series each have their own unique abilities and personalities. Some of the more notable characters include Miria, the leader of the Claymores and a skilled tactician; Galatea, a Claymore with the ability to read people's thoughts and manipulate their memories; and Ophelia, a rogue Claymore with a twisted desire for violence.

In addition to fighting the Yoma, the Claymores must also contend with the Organization, the group responsible for creating and controlling the Claymores. The Organization is a shady group that experiments on humans and Yoma to create Claymores. They also have their own agenda and are often at odds with the Claymores.

The animation in Claymore is top-notch, with fluid movements and detailed character designs. The show also features a dark and brooding atmosphere that sets the tone for the story. The fight scenes are particularly impressive, with each Claymore showcasing her unique fighting style.

One of the standout features of Claymore is its exploration of themes such as identity and humanity. The Claymores are not fully human, but they are not fully monsters either. They are caught in a constant struggle between their human emotions and their Yoma instincts. The show delves into the psychological toll of being a Claymore, and the characters' struggles with their own identity are a recurring motif throughout the series.

Overall, Claymore is a gripping and intense fantasy-action anime that is sure to thrill fans of the genre. With its memorable characters, impressive animation, and deep exploration of themes, it is a standout example of the genre. Anyone looking for a great anime to watch should definitely check out Claymore.

Claymore is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on April 4, 2007.

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To the Successors
26. To the Successors
September 26, 2007
Clare completes her awakening but Priscilla still dominates the fight with apparent ease, until Clare, spurred by flashbacks of Teresa, finally lands multiple hits on her, cutting off her wings. Priscilla reverts to her human form and is about to be beheaded when Raki intervenes but Clare, unable to control herself, attacks him as well. Jean takes the blow instead and, although fatally wounded, convinces her to revert to human before completely awakening. After "synchronizing their Yoki" and thus, bringing Clare back, Jean dies, leaving Clare devastated with grief. Easley appears and takes Priscilla away. In the last scenes, Miria, Helen, Deneve, and Clare announce their wish to leave the Claymore organization and depart on separate journeys (Helen goes with Deneve, Raki follows Clare).
For Whose Sake
25. For Whose Sake
September 19, 2007
The fight between Clare and Priscilla rages on inside of a volcano while Easley watches from the top. Clare seems almost powerless in front of Priscilla who doesn't realize she is actually an awakened being as her memories seem to be frozen to the time when she was a Claymore. She also continues to think that Clare is Teresa. Raki and Jean try to catch with Clare and follow the directions left by Miria and the others. Miria, Helen and Deneve arrive just in time before Clare gets killed by Priscilla. They seem to have the better hand on Priscilla but suddenly Priscilla releases all her yoma power and it is revealed that she was not yet fully awakened. When her transformation is complete, she easily defeats Miria and the others. Clare is still recovering her injuries but can't stand to watch her friends get killed and, in order to have her revenge for Teresa's death, she awakens all four of her limbs just as Jean and Raki arrive at the volcano.
Critical Point, Part 2
24. Critical Point, Part 2
September 12, 2007
Clare released her Yoma powers in her battle with Rigardo too much and is unable to return to normal. So she asks Helen to decapitate her whilst she still has the consciousness of a Human. Raki is frightened by what he has seen and feels helpless. Jean is determined to save Clare, even after the fatal injuries given by Rigardo. Raki gathers his courage and joins her. Priscilla recognises Teresa's Yoki within Clare which consequently results in her memories returning. She blames Teresa for her awakening and misconceives Clare to be Teresa, so she transforms into her awakened state. Clare recognises her and fully releases her powers, despite being on the brink of awakening and gives chase to Priscilla. Easley is intrigued by the defeat of Rigardo so he watches on from the sidelines with his army. Meanwhile the survivors take care of the injured Claymores. Number 3 Galatea is sent on a reconnaissance mission to the North with orders to not get involved, however she informs Miria's group about the location of Priscilla and Clare.
Critical Point, Part 1
23. Critical Point, Part 1
September 5, 2007
While Raki is travelling with Easley to Pieta, Clare continues her fight with Rigardo. After several bouts Rigardo comes to the conclusion that he hasn't had a fight like this since he fought with Easley. Raki departs from Priscilla and Easley after hearing that a lot of Claymores, starting from the lowest ranked ones have been sent to Pieta to fight Awakened beings. Clare in her determination to defeat Rigardo manages to partially awaken. The scene switches to Raki as he makes his way into the now abandoned town and finds the partially awakened Clare fighting against Rigardo. Clare releases her Yoma powers to dangerous levels and eventually slashes Rigardo to pieces. Meanwhile, Jean regains consciousness.
Invasion of Pieta, Part 2
22. Invasion of Pieta, Part 2
August 29, 2007
Clare and the rest of the surviving Claymores continue their battle against Rigardo. Meanwhile Raki is comforting Priscilla and Easley tells him the horror of her past. Back at Pieta Rigardo seems to be enjoying his fight. Miria does her best to keep up with Rigardo's speed but, due to overuse of her mirages, she slows down and becomes easy prey for him. As he is about to decapitate her, Clare inadvertently begins to release too much of her Yoki. Rigardo surprisingly loses an arm and the fate of Clare's awakening is yet to be determined.
Invasion of Pieta, Part 1
21. Invasion of Pieta, Part 1
August 22, 2007
Clare and the rest of the Claymores prepare themselves for the next wave of Awakened Beings. Raki, Easley and Priscilla are heading towards Pieta while the Claymores prepare themselves. They find that this time the numbers and the yoki of the Awakened Beings are much more powerful. When they arrive they battle, until the Awakened Beings start taking losses against the Claymores. At this point, the battle between the Claymores and the Awakened Ones changes with the appearance of the Lion-Eyed Rigardo who kills Undine, Veronica, and Flora on sight and fatally injures Jean.
The Carnage in the North, Part 3
20. The Carnage in the North, Part 3
August 15, 2007
Raki, who remains determined to protect Clare, persuades Easley to teach him to properly use a sword; meanwhile, Priscilla continues to express a seemingly innocent and peaceful liking for Raki. Deneve finds Undine in the warehouse and realizes why Undine behaves in such a gruff manner; she then tells Undine her own story. Flora distrusts Clare because of her arm--which evidently does not belong to her--but when Clare reveals that it belonged to Irene, they reconcile. Undine returns to her team and addresses them rather kindly, consequently puzzling the other Claymores. In the distance, Easley orders Rigardo to bring along the full manpower of his awakened followers to annihilate Pieta.
The Carnage in the North, Part 2
19. The Carnage in the North, Part 2
August 8, 2007
The five teams defeat the three Awakened Beings. Some of them suffering serious wounds, such as Yuma who loses her arm, but there are no casualties. Raki is shown wandering in the ruins of a town already destroyed by Yoma, and there he meets Priscilla. Priscilla takes a sudden liking to him, saying he smells good when Easley appears and invites Raki to go home with him and Priscilla.
The Carnage in the North, Part 1
18. The Carnage in the North, Part 1
August 1, 2007
Rubel & Rafaela confront Clare & Jean and explain that the organization could kill them both at any time. Instead of doing so, Rubel gives Clare a mission to go to the Northern lands along with 23 other Claymores to confront a horde of Awakened and the "Dweller of the Deep" Easley. He also mentions that Raki has gone there, giving Clare even more incentive to go. Once there, all four of the Slashers (Clare, Helen, Miria & Deneve) are reunited again and make Jean their fifth member since she too is a Half-Awakened. The 24 gathered Claymores divide into five teams and are soon confronted by three Awakened beings.
The Witch's Maw, Part 3
17. The Witch's Maw, Part 3
July 25, 2007
Clare manages to bring Jean back from an awakened state, gaining her loyalty, and returns to help Galatea. Together, the battle shifts and Dauf is defeated though Riful saves his life. Clare finally lands a hit on Riful and so she explains about the Northern Kingdom and the name of the ruler there, Easley. Galatea returns to her mission objective to return Clare to the organization, but Jean intervenes and so she decides to abandon it.
The Witch's Maw, Part 2
16. The Witch's Maw, Part 2
July 18, 2007
Clare arrives at a cave inhabited by two Awakened: the "Abyssal One" (or "Dweller of the Deep") known as Riful of the West, and her lover and protector Dauf. In her confrontation with Dauf, Clare is rescued by Galatea. They come to learn of a secret arms race between the three Abyssal Ones of the North, West, and South and Riful's intentions to raise as many Awakened troops to join her side as she can before their inevitable confrontation. As Galatea buys time by distracting Dauf, Clare races to save Jean, the only Claymore capable of penetrating Dauf's heavy armour.
The Witch's Maw, Part 1
15. The Witch's Maw, Part 1
July 11, 2007
Unable to contact Clare for three months after Ophelia's awakening and death, the organization decides to send Galatea to track her down. In the meantime, Clare searches for Raki, while disguised and with her yoki suppressed, in a local town. She nearly runs into a party of Claymores on a hunt for an Awakened Being. The next day, a bloody and shredded Claymore limps into the town and tells Clare that the party was captured. She sets off to rescue them as, unbeknown to her at this point, they are being tortured into awakening.
To Be Qualified to Fight
14. To Be Qualified to Fight
July 4, 2007
With the addition of Irene's right arm and the newly-acquired "Flash Sword" technique, Clare faces off with an Ophelia, who is terrified with the fact that she's awakened and with encouragement from the remnants of Ophelia's own humanity, kills her. Shortly after Clare leaves her, Irene, now completely armless, is confronted by Rafaela.
The Endless Gravestones, Part 2
13. The Endless Gravestones, Part 2
June 27, 2007
Clare fights Ophelia and loses her right arm as a result. Irene, who was presumed dead, saves Clare and severely injures Ophelia. Frustrated about the untimely demise of her brother at the hands of Priscilla and her defeat by Irene, Ophelia releases too much of her yoki energy and awakens. Clare recuperates and Irene decides to teach Clare her "Flash Sword" technique.
The Endless Gravestones, Part 1
12. The Endless Gravestones, Part 1
June 20, 2007
Clare is sent by Rubel to take care of another Awakened Being with another team. However, much to Clare's surprise the team only consists of Ophelia. To make matters worse, Ophelia's lust for blood and the eventual Awakened Being's presence places both Raki and Clare's life in jeopardy.
Those Who Rend Asunder, Part 3
11. Those Who Rend Asunder, Part 3
June 13, 2007
The battle against the Awakened Being has finished and as the girls recover from their injuries, Miria hypothesizes on why they were all brought there to fight such a strong opponent. She theorizes that the organization has purposely put them there since they are all troublemakers and believes that they have all half-awakened. Clare, Helen, and Miria watch as Deneve proves this theory to save her own life by releasing all of her yoki to heal her wounds. Miria also warns the group of the top five Claymores: Alicia, Beth, Galatea, Ophelia, and Rafaela, and advises that they avoid ever fighting them as they are too powerful.
Those Who Rend Asunder, Part 2
10. Those Who Rend Asunder, Part 2
June 6, 2007
The battle against the male Awakened Being seems hopeless. Helen and Deneve are outmatched despite demonstrating extraordinary skills, and even "Phantom" Miria cannot take down the enemy. However, Clare refuses to give up, and uses her yoki-reading skill to dodge attacks. Together with Miria, Clare attacks the Awakened and kills him. Throughout the entirety of the battle, Galatea, an "eye" for the organization, reads the yoki of the Slashers from a great distance and informs her overseer Ermita on the progression of the battle.
Those Who Rend Asunder, Part 1
9. Those Who Rend Asunder, Part 1
May 30, 2007
After Teresa's death, Clare brings her head to Rubel and asks to become a Claymore. Back in the present, Clare is assigned to a party hunting an Awakened Being. Leaving Raki behind at an inn, Clare leaves for the mission together with Miria, Helen, and Deneve.
8. Awakening
May 23, 2007
Teresa easily defeats the other Claymores, but leaves them alive. Priscilla snaps and goes after Teresa, releasing too much of her yoki in the confrontation and pushes herself past the point of no return. As she awakens she kills Teresa and her former comrades. Clare is left cradling Teresa's severed head.
Marked for Death
7. Marked for Death
May 16, 2007
The Organization's numbers two through five, Priscilla, Irene, Noel, and Sofia, are ordered to kill Teresa. Priscilla engages Teresa in single combat, but is outmatched despite briefly having the upper hand. The other three decide that they must assist her, and the whole team release their yoki in preparation to attack together.
Teresa and Clare
6. Teresa and Clare
May 9, 2007
In order to save Clare's life from a group of murdering bandits, Teresa breaks the Claymore law against taking human lives. Teresa's overseer, Orsay, then dispatches Claymore digits two through five to execute her.
Teresa of the Faint Smile
5. Teresa of the Faint Smile
May 2, 2007
Teresa, the most powerful Claymore of her era, easily kills a group of Yoma including one that had been abusing a young and mute Clare. Having no one else to turn to, Clare follows Teresa through the wilderness.
Clare's Awakening
4. Clare's Awakening
April 25, 2007
Clare comes close to awakening when she uses too much of her yoki in a fight to defeat the Voracious Eater, but her bond with Raki prevents this.
The Darkness in Paradise
3. The Darkness in Paradise
April 18, 2007
Clare goes undercover as she is hired to kill a "Voracious Eater" in a holy city where Claymore are not allowed. Because she is undercover and using a special drug to suppress her Claymore-qualities, she has trouble sensing him.
The Black Card
2. The Black Card
April 11, 2007
Raki witnesses Clare killing another Claymore named Elena, who was Clare's closest friend during training. Elena felt that she was losing control of her yoki and wanted to be killed by Clare and die as a human.
Great Sword
1. Great Sword
April 4, 2007
Raki, a young boy whose whole family is killed by a Yoma, befriends a Claymore named Clare.
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