Sgt. Frog

Sgt. Frog is anime show that first began as a popular manga for teens written by Mine Yoshizaki. When the show was being created the subjective content that was geared towards older teens was watered down to attract a more family friendly audience. The story of the anime is about frog-like aliens that are from the planet Keron whose objective is to invade the planet Pekopon (a planet that closely resembles earth). During the invasion of Pekopon the plan starts to fail and Keroro's (the main character voiced by Vic Mignogna) platoon gets left behind as the troop ship leaves them while retreating.

In a foreign planet with nowhere to go the team survives by covertly living with humans. Keroro finds shelter with a 12 year old boy (Fuyuki) and his family. Fuyuki's school friend, a 13 year old girl named Natsumi constantly thwarts all of Keroros attempts on trying to take over the planet.

The first episode of the show aired in 2004. Sgt. Frog is classified under comedies and there are very humorous anecdotes sprinkled throughout the episodes. Produced by Sunrise Studios this anime was licensed under Funamation.

Through the seven years of its presence it has spawned spinoffs, official merchandise, and home movie releases. Five of the films created were created by Junichi Sato and were again produced by Sunrise. ADV used to own exclusive rights to all of the English dub copies of this anime for paying over $400,000 but in July of 2008 all rights to the English releases were all given to Funamation.

In 2009 Funamation started to broadcast the first four dubbed episodes and then began to take a hiatus on dubbing the rest of the episodes from the first season but then released the rest of them on different online streaming sites soon after. Sgt. Frog has a collection of 358 episodes and has been translated in different languages for Europe, Asia, and America.

3 Seasons, 84 Episodes
April 3, 2004
Cast: Todd Haberkorn, Kumiko Watanabe, Leah Clark, R. Bruce Elliott
Sgt. Frog

Sgt. Frog Full Episode Guide

  • Fuyuki and the frogs travel to the Bermuda Triangle in search of a legendary buried treasure, but they better find it fast because Viper is hot on their trail!

  • After a narrowly avoiding a trip down the aisle, Tamama vows to change his ways, but suppressing his jealousy has disastrous side effects on the little frog's once-adorable body.

  • Keroro's latest get-rich-quick scheme centers around building a luxurious resort on the surface of the moon. Too bad he didn't plan for a shocking encounter with robotic alien rabbits!

  • Momoka worries about her father's intentions to test Fuyuki's worthiness, but her outrageous plan for whipping the poor boy into shape could spell doom for the world!

  • Keroro attempts to earn a place in the book of world records in this utterly and completely random episode featuring a glimpse into Paul's dark past and the return of Viper!

  • A freak accident sends Fuyuki and the frogs twenty years into the past, where the youngest Hinata meets a schoolgirl version of his own mother. One false step could change the future forever!

  • Two universally-famous alien chefs arrive on Earth to challenge Keroro to a cooking contest, and the Hinata house is overrun by super beetles eager to challenge Tamama to a duel!

  • When Keroro forgets to submit an important report to headquarters, the platoon builds a replica version of Pekopon, so they can stage a fake invasion!

  • Keroro's invasion simulation leads to a showdown with Super Hot Mama, and a ridiculous rice ball incident forces the platoon to sumo wrestle with space mice in order to rescue Natsumi!

  • Keroro runs into trouble when he fills his hot springs with contaminated alien water, but he'll get a chance to giggle away his troubles in a contest where pretty girls score big laughs!

  • Keroro redecorates the Hinata house to prove he's the greatest designer in the galaxy! When the dust finally settles, the platoon attempts to convince a heroic canine to join their ranks!

  • Fuyuki and Momoka investigate rumors of a haunted schoolhouse, and the Kero Platoon attempts to take over the world of video games!

  • Giroro goes on the warpath after Natsumi is abducted by aliens, but his rescue mission turns into a jealous outburst when the pretty Pekopon returns to earth for a mystery date!

  • The frogs dress up like detectives to solve the mystery of a planet-devouring space criminal. Once the case is closed, Tamama assumes the role of mentor for a runaway alien who is eager to join the platoon!

  • The frogs dress up like detectives to solve the mystery of a planet-devouring space criminal.

  • Rainy weather leads to soggy laundry and an outbreak of very thirsty space creatures.

  • Keroro poses as a substitute teacher in order to finish an important report on the habits of Pekopon children.

  • Fuyuki and his froggy comrades stay up late guarding a priceless work of art.

  • Fuyuki befriends a pretty transfer student cursed with unbelievably bad luck. Natsumi gets locked in a space-bound rocket with the boy of her dreams!

  • The frogs cure Natsumi's boredom by organizing a miniature motocross race complete with booby traps and high-tech weaponry!

  • Keroro Shogun's dream of living in a castle becomes a nightmare when his new home turns out to be haunted -- and hungry!

  • Keroro's latest plan for Pekopon domination involves a robotic vending machine of doom!

  • After Viper attacks the platoon, Sgt. Frog uses a top-secret space spoon to morph into a giant version of himself.

  • An old friend challenges Natsumi to a duel that could leave her sporting an afro! When the dust settles, Keroro turns greener with envy.

  • Giroro prepares for his showdown with Natsumi by unleashing giant space plants on the unsuspecting city.

  • Keroro's attempt to start a detective agency backfires when he's accused of a tofu-related crime.

  • Fuyuki and the frogs investigate the mysteries of the ancient world in search of alien artifacts.

  • Sgt. Frog uses the Kero Ball to turn his Pekopon oppressors into puppets, and Momoka stages her own kidnapping.

  • Sgt. Frog receives a mysterious warning that his platoon must return to Kero within twenty-four hours - or die! Will the courageous invaders be able to say goodbye to Pekopon life?

  • Natsumi is stricken by a deadly fever during the Keroro Platoons latest invasion attempt. Giroro blasts off on a mission to find medicine, but first he must defeat a three-headed space monster!

  • When a case of spring fever sweeps through the Hinata house, Keroro hatches a plan to take over the world with a wave of laziness!

  • Girls' Day only comes once a year, so Sgt. Frog and his troops make it a special occasion by blasting the celebration into space. Afros abound by the end of this whacked-out episode!

  • When the Hinata family forgets to be frightened of the lonely ghost who haunts their basement, bath time turns into a hair-raising - or maybe hand-raising - experience!

  • Sgt. Frog cooks up a scheme to conquer the world with Valentine's Day sweet potato dango, but the love-struck Pekopons only have eyes for chocolate. Let's hope the troops are hungry!

  • The Keroro Platoon stages its own version of the winter Olympics in order to compile vital invasion data, but Mama Hinata crashes the party when she tests flies Kululu's newest invention.

  • After reading a fairy tale about colorful ogres, Sgt. Frog hatches a plan to acquire the super ultimate power of the Hinata house! Watch out for soy beans!

  • Keroro whips his troops into shape for a soccer match against the formidable Pekopon squad, and Tamama teaches his "jealousy shot" to a young boy in desperate need of help from the soccer gods.

  • The holidays are a magical time for everyone, but Sgt. Frog gets so caught up in preparations for the New Year, that he totally forgets to do his intergalactic invasion homework!

  • Sgt. Frog plots a Christmas invasion, but his comrades get caught up in the spirit of the season. When the New Year rolls around, it's time to clean house, and Keroro is the frog for the job!

  • Sumomo and Keroro use hidden cameras to get a laugh out of Giroro's feelings for a certain Hinata, but their plan backfires when a powered-up Natsumi goes on a frog-stomping rampage!

  • The platoon is broke again, so Keroro concocts a few money-making ventures. Dororo's teaching earth-children the way of the ninja and Sgt. Frog tries to tame big lizards with sharp teeth!

  • Sgt. Frog goes to extreme measures preparing his men for the bone-chilling onslaught of General Winter. It may be cold outside, but Keroro just got his bonus check, and there's Gunpla to be bought!

  • Natsumi's birthday is just around the corner, and Sgt. Frog has his platoon working overtime on a super top-secret surprise party!

  • Momoka, Koyuki, and Keroro battle it out to see who gets to go on vacation with the Hinata family. Later - after some hot springs action - Fuyuki and the Sergeant take a stroll down memory lane.

  • Sgt. Frog and his men are too broke to conquer the planet, so they decide to make some quick cash by going into the Anime business. Too bad none of them can actually draw.

  • The Keroro Platoon hatches a plan to turn zoo animals into fierce warriors, but Dororo ends up tangling with a Bengal Tiger and Giroro shares a tender moment with a kitty-cat.

  • When the flying space-cycle Sgt. Frog purchases on the intergalactic internet turns out to be a clunker, Natsumi borrows a set of wings from Kululu for a late-night rescue mission!

  • Tamama's tall tales land him in hot water when a little friend with a big mouth visits Earth. Meanwhile, Momoka dreams of getting curvy in a hurry, and the Sergeant is willing to help - for a price.

  • Natsumi excels at nearly every subject, except Drama. Sgt. Frog tries to give her a crash course in acting, but he ends up on stage where he's discovered by reporters from the school paper!

  • The invasion plan takes a chilly turn when the Sergeant and his troops cover Tokyo with snow! Once the sun comes out, mysterious traps plague the platoon, but who's to blame for the madness?

  • Sgt. Frog rallies the troops when his father, the Demon Sergeant, visits Earth to check on the progress of his son's invasion. Perhaps construction of the underground hot springs will have to be delayed?

  • Keroro's platoon tries its best to sabotage field day, so Natsumi's mom can make it in time for the three legged race.

  • There's a team of scary assassins trying to kidnap Momoka, and Sergeant Frog's troops are the only warriors brave enough to protect her!

  • When a space detective chases Keroro and his platoon into an alternate dimension, he gets a taste of what a frog can do in maximum humidity!

  • The key to the invasion of Earth is the fearsome weapon known as the Kero Ball, but when it malfunctions, the platoon ends up with more sergeants than they can handle!

  • A little frog gets a very big head when Tamama suddenly replaces Keroro as the fearless leader of the amphibious invasion!

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