Nutri Ventures

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The series Nutri Ventures follows children as they go on a quest to find nutritious foods from each of the food groups. The show teaches children how to eat healthy and the different foods they can try in addition to traditional fruits and vegetables.

Nutri Ventures
3 Seasons, 43 Episodes
September 1, 2013
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family

Nutri Ventures Full Episode Guide

  • Lena has to follow her instincts and pass a difficult test to save her friends. Together, they journey through dangerous territory to free the Indian tribe from an ancient curse.

  • On their way to the Red Kingdom, the heroes realize their train is about to be flattened by Alex Grand's huge Imperial Express. A terrifying, high-speed train chase begins, in which it seems that all the endeavours of the heroes.

  • The heroes depart full steam ahead on a train packed with Cowboys and the last remaining legumes. Their destination is the Red Kingdom. But the journey is beset by perils, including a flying machine piloted by Nose.

  • Amidst the ruins of the Brown Kingdom, chaos reigns. The legumes have been destroyed and the Indians and Cowboys, desperate for food, fight to take the Nutri-Pad from the heroes. Alex Grand returns home triumphant.

  • The heroes are in a race against time to stop the war between the Indians and Cowboys. But now, without the help of Johnny the Kid and Nina who have mysteriously disappeared.

  • Amidst horseback riding, rodeos and risky adventures in the Cowboys' Far West, Theo, Ben and Nina finally meet Guardian Brown. But in order to unite the vegetables with the rest of the foods, the heroes first have to get the Indians and Cowboys.

  • Arriving in the Brown Kingdom, the heroes are caught up in a war between American Indians and Cowboys. Before they can reach the legumes, they first have to prove they are true Indian warriors. Meanwhile, Alex gets his hands on a secret diary.

  • In order to rescue Guga Purple from the Dragon's Lair, Theo, Genevieve, Guga Red and Nose have to cross a jungle inhabited by pre-historic animals. Lena, Ben and Nina remain with Guardian Red to try to stop Alex and his army of G-Squads.

  • Alex Grand and the G-Squads have practically destroyed the whole of the Red Kingdom. Guardian Red, Fit Phil, Lena, Ben and Nina try desperately to protect the people and the last remaining food.

  • Alex Grand wants to destroy the meat at all costs. That's why he returns to Grandland and gathers an army of G-Squads to attack the Red Kingdom. Whilst Lena, Ben and Nina help Guardian Red prepare the defenses.

  • Alex Grand orders the dragon to destroy the Kingdom of Meat. Whilst Lena, Nina and Genevieve help Guardian Red's army defend the Kingdom, Theo and Ben embark on a dangerous flight to break Alex's control over the Dragon.

  • Alex Grand is furious and decides to burn all the Kingdoms of the Round Knights with the dragon's fire. Now, the heroes have to race against time to avoid the catastrophe.

  • Alex Grand is furious and decides to burn all the Kingdoms of the Round Knights with the dragon's fire. Now, the heroes have to race against time to avoid the catastrophe.

  • Even with all the guards from the Kingdoms of the Round Knights out hunting for them, the heroes have to walk into a trap and take part in the dangerous Rally of the Fried Kingdom, if they want to recover the Nutri-Pad.

  • In the midst of battles and betrayals, the heroes gain the help of an unexpected ally but lose the Nutri-Pad. Alex offers a reward for their capture and in their escape, the heroes venture into the slippery Kingdom of Fats.

  • To protect the Red Kingdom from the destructive power of the fearful dragon, the heroes have to take part in dangerous challenges and fierce jousting tournaments. But the greatest danger of all may come from where they least expect it...

  • The heroes reach their destination, the Red Kingdom and encounter a land full of castles, princesses and mysterious knights. In this medieval world, they learn about new powers that they have which they need to combat the terrible Alex Grand.