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Nutri Ventures is the very first entertainment brand made especially for children, and teaching children about healthy eating! This fun-filled TV series is originally from Portugal, and is now aired in 23 countries.

The Nutri Ventures series features unique, colorful, furry little animals called 'gugas' that encourage kids to be active, keep an open mind, and to be themselves. The story of the gugas goes like this: they were each chosen to be a different 'Nutri-Guardian' of a food group. They were picked to protect these foods by a wise nutritionist, Nexus. He entrusted them with these foods after a villain, Alex Grand, ordered all food groups to be destroyed, so that the people of earth would be forced to eat Genex-100, a food-like product that is high in calories, which is produced by a company that he owns. The heroes in Nutri Ventures are kids, Theo, Lena, Ben and Nina, who go on adventures to discover nutritious foods with the help of the gugas.

The Nutri Ventures team will also discover Nutri Powers, which is the basis of the story. Nutri Powers are the "power" in each food. For example, when the team discovers grains, they eat them and feel a surge of energy. This is the Nutri Power of bread.