Watch TV Shows on Other

Other is a television channel that internationally distributes digital media content for alternative lifestyles. Viewers can access episodic series, movies, music and more through Other. Initially, the channel was in partnership with Spike T.V. before splitting off of regular cable and offering digital content. Due to the new structure of the channel, anyone in the world with an internet connection can go to the website to watch or listen to their content.

The focus of Other's media is on unique, fringe society communities, ideas, and activities. The themes of the televisions shows varies. There are documentaries, which follow real people as they go through their daily life, such as tattoo artists, motorcycle racers, buskers, and other people on the margins of society. Some of the shows center around how to build a particular item, such as an indoor skate park. The films vary in length and theme. There are a variety of short films that are made by amateur photographers and actors, and also full-length feature films that star A list and B list actors.

As a member of the channel and website, you can access forums and chatrooms of different communities and share information. Other also publishes editorial content featuring around the alternative lifestyle, such as blog posts, video interviews, and more. Music is available to stream live from the website, giving listeners access to 1000's of artists and songs in an instant. Other recently signed a deal with the music company Spotify to feature a selection of their licensed songs for listeners.