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  • 1998
  • 1 Season

Shadow Skill is a manga television series. This series is about a woman who is a warrior. Elle is a warrior in the kingdom of Kurda. She is debt ridden and leaves a trail of destruction behind her. She also has a slight drinking problem. She must work to pay off her debts and shares her life with her brother. Her brother studies her so he too may become a warrior one day. This series focuses on a warrior who is not so perfect. She may make mistakes in life but her skills as a warrior are not in question.

Shadow Skill
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Path of a Sevaar
26. Path of a Sevaar
December 24, 1998
Gau is on the ground, beaten by Lo Fuma. Elle tries to rescue him but fails. Just as Gau thinks he's worthless without Elle's help, he begins hearing the voice of Darkness in his head.
Ying-style Demon
25. Ying-style Demon
December 17, 1998
Gau appears out of nowhere as Elle and Len Fuma are ready to settle things with fists. Elle instructs Gau to defeat Len Fuma while she takes care of the falling bedrock. A fierce battle of Shadow Skill and Ying-style techniques takes place. Despite of Elle's efforts, the bedrock crashes onto Kuruda.
Fist of God
24. Fist of God
December 10, 1998
The battle has begun but there's no sign of Gau. Meanwhile, Gau is heading to the castle gate, carrying wounded Lynn Garukitos. Suddenly an injured man appears at the battlefield.
Prepare Yourself
23. Prepare Yourself
December 3, 1998
A huge army of Solfan started launching attacks against Kuruda. Kuruda is surrounded by mountains, and going through the castle gate is the only way into the Kuruda city. The Solfan army is right by the gate, however Elle stands in their way. They must defeat her first to get inside of Kuruda.
Older Sister, Younger Brother
22. Older Sister, Younger Brother
November 26, 1998
Once Diaz is gone, Gau finds no purpose to fight. Only to remember he couldn't become the shield to protect Diaz during the battle with Darkness. Back in Julianess, Princess Lilbelt calls for an emergency meeting and announces that she's going to award the Sword of Ashilianna to a Kurudan soldier.
21. Cannon
November 19, 1998
After receiving massive attacks from Darkness, Gau lays half-dead. Diaz rushes to the scene and promises Gau that he's going to take care of Darkness. Eventually Diaz gets beaten up by Darkness. Elle steps in and tries to protect Diaz, but realizes Gau is on the ground, not moving.
Darkness and Death
20. Darkness and Death
November 12, 1998
Darkness tricks Gau into believing that he's made an appointment with Diaz. When Gau arrives, he finds Darkness and realizes he was set up.
Fang, 2nd Generation
19. Fang, 2nd Generation
November 5, 1998
Elle receives a letter challenging her to a duel. The sender is Sai Oh, the follower of Zal Zachary. The duel begins as Gau watches as a witness.
The Seventh Dawn
18. The Seventh Dawn
October 29, 1998
As expected, "G" Kain Phalanx made his way into the royal palace to execute his plan to kill King Iba Sutra. Gau steps into the scene and asks King Iba Sutra to give him an opportunity to fight G although Gau is aware that G is a tough opponent.
17. Crimson
October 22, 1998
"G" Kaian Plalanx is behind the plot to bring Kuruda under the water by placing the bags of Dorialk sand around the pillars and the guard station. Elle and the others split up and look for the bags. However, all of the bags found are nothing more than decoys.
An Attacker From the Past
16. An Attacker From the Past
October 15, 1998
Lao, Bau and Guiss meet up with a mysterious man named Len Fuma. Lao tells him that he can't reveal their identities.
15. Ghost
October 8, 1998
People in town begin to recognize Gau as "Black Howling". Gau Ban and his reputation grow since he defeated Lo. Kyuo is happy to see Gau getting stronger.
The Temple of Moonlight
14. The Temple of Moonlight
October 1, 1998
Princess Lilbelt receives the blessing of the power of Soma. Her health condition has worsened, and Volcetice and Glad suspect that it has something to do with the declining power of Soma.
With the Heart of a Friend
13. With the Heart of a Friend
September 24, 1998
As Lo is recovering from the battle, but cannot manage to get over the fact that he might not have given everything. Gau isn't happy with the outcome. Scarface tells Gau to move on.
Black Howling
12. Black Howling
September 17, 1998
Elle rushes to Jura Forest to save those who've been attacked by Sofan soldiers. She defeats all the enemies, but Gana Gig appears and begins attacking Elle. The platoon captain and the sergeant instruct her to find her brother in Blorahan and assure her that they will take care of the rest. Reluctantly Elle leaves the forest and heads to Blorahan. Meanwhile, Gau, Kyuo and Folli are at Blorahan with Diaz, surrounded by the enemy.
11. Invasion
September 10, 1998
The war between Solfan and Kuruda has begun. There are countless enemies, and the platoon captain sends an urgent message to Kuruda, requesting Elle Ragu's backup. Elle manages to defeat Solfan soldiers but Gana Gig appears out of nowhere. Gana Gig reports that Elle's beloved brother is in danger.
Clash of White and Black
10. Clash of White and Black
September 3, 1998
Lo visits Green Octopus Leg Inn, where Elle and the others help Feolina, However, hanging out at the bar isn't the reason for his appearance. He arrives with a summons issued by King Iba Sutra., requesting the 59th Sevalle, Elle Ragu to report to the royal palace at once. There have been rumors that Solfan is ready to assault Kuruda, and King Iba Sutra wishes to have all Sevalles standby at the palace. Elle immediately heads for the palace, but Gau can't understand why Elle takes this summons so seriously.
Violent Bombing of the Holy City
9. Violent Bombing of the Holy City
August 27, 1998
The temptation to fight erupts at the opening ceremony when a girl dressed in a cat outfit starts trouble. Confrontation is strictly prohibited and but tempers rise and trouble begins.
Dangerous Human Weapon. To the North
8. Dangerous Human Weapon. To the North
August 20, 1998
Elle and Gau are on the way to the Holy City of Julianess so Elle can attend the Ceremony of the Four Devas. Elle tells Gau she's contemplating a side trip before they get to Julian. The reason for the stop is to see her older brother Diaz Ragu. He lives there alone, making weapons. According to Elle, he was trained to be a Sevalle.
Destined Confrontation
7. Destined Confrontation
August 13, 1998
Folli and Elle seem to be very close, and even others think they're just like real sisters. But there's a dark past behind their friendship. Death and betrayal threaten the relationship and force the two to face the future along with the mysterious past.
White and Black Flash
6. White and Black Flash
August 6, 1998
King of Kuruda, Iba Sutra tells Lohengreen (Lo) that there's a young man who'll be worthy of the Sevalle's title one day. If Lohengreen is known as "White Lightning", this young man should be known as "Black Flash"... One day, Lo accidentally bumps into Kyuo while he's strolling around the town. Compared to those female Valles who aspire to be tough like Shadow Skill, Elle Ragu, Kyuo appeared to be what a maiden is all about in his eyes. He falls in love with Kyuo instantly.
Proud Battlefield
5. Proud Battlefield
July 30, 1998
Now that the Phantom's been wiped out, and Kyuo is the only survivor, she's responsible for all the unfinished jobs that are still in contract. She has to come up with 1800 silver coins to cancel the contracts by the next week. She needs the money quick so Elle and the others decide to help her out by taking a good-paying job. Their job is to deliver food and water to a Kurudan squadron that's been stationed in Jura Forest, and they will pay 2000 silver coins. But the place they're heading to is the war zone between Solfan and Kurudan, and is very dangerous. While Elle is having a good time with old Kurudan soldiers, a Hulem launches an attack. They try to spot him but he's nowhere to be found. Elle asks Kyuo for help.
What My Father Left Me
4. What My Father Left Me
July 23, 1998
Because of Elle's drinking habit, Elle and the others are broke and deep in debt as usual, so they find a job at the inn called "Green Octopus Leg" managed by a little girl named Feolina. Feolina has been running the place all by herself ever since her father passed away. One night Elle witnesses the land-price hiker threatening Feolina to give up the inn but Feolina refused his offer. On the same night, someone broke into Feolina's room, but the suspect didn't steal anything. It seems like someone is after what her father left behind.
Phantom's Keepsake
3. Phantom's Keepsake
July 16, 1998
The members of the Demon Hunting Unit Phantom get wiped out by a ferocious Demon Beast called "King of the Moon." A young girl named Kyuo Lyu is the only survivor of the unit, and she's also the grand daughter of Commander of the Phantom. She comes to Kuruda, seeking for men who are strong enough to defeat "The King of the Moon", but she gets in trouble with a bunch of men at a bar. Elle saves Kyuo and promises her to defeat the Demon Beast only if she pays her.
2. Duelists
July 9, 1998
The fighting competition is held in Kuruda, and Elle participates in the fight. People know her only as Elle Ragu but not as the 59th Sevalle. A mysterious man named Kor Icks promises Elle that he's going to take her life at the finals and became the 60th Sevalle. He plays dirty by taking Elle's adopted brother Gau as a hostage and threatens Elle that Gau will be killed if she doesn't let him win. She tries to beat Kor Ics but she's unable to fight they way she wants to because she hurt herself in the previous battle. While Elle struggles against Kor Icks in the match, a man named Scarface approaches Gau, who's under Kor Icks' evil spell.
The Power of My Blow has No Equal!
1. The Power of My Blow has No Equal!
July 2, 1998
Elle and Gau were in the mountain heading towards Kuruda when they saved the caravan camp from bandits who're after the food that they feed to Demon Beasts used in the fighting competition of Kuruda. After the course of events, Elle and Gau go to Kuruda along with the camp. But what they don't know is that a spy from Solfan, who's after the 59th Sevalle's life is traveling with them.

Shadow Skill is a manga television series. This series is about a woman who is a warrior. Elle is a warrior in the kingdom of Kurda. She is debt ridden and leaves a trail of destruction behind her. She also has a slight drinking problem. She must work to pay off her debts and shares her life with her brother. Her brother studies her so he too may become a warrior one day.

This series focuses on a warrior who is not so perfect. She may make mistakes in life but her skills as a warrior are not in question.

  • Premiere Date
    July 2, 1998