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Burst Angel is an anime cartoon centered around the people of Japan. In the near future there is an extreme rise in criminal activity to the point that the japanese government has made it legal for law abiding citizens to own a gun. In an effort to help the japanesse people protect themselves, the Japanese government has also created an Recently Armed Police of Tokyo. They help assist the citizens against the ever growing threat of crime. The show is centered around four mercenaries named: Jo,Meg,Sei and Amy.

This show aired on TV Ashai on April 6,2004 and ended on September 14, 2004 with thirty episodes. The show opens up with a culinary student being saved by the four mercenary girls(Jo, Meg, Sei and Amy) eventually travels with them, servicing them by cooking and collecting money so he can travel to France. The girls are all extremely young mercenaries with their ages ranging from eleven to nineteen who serve as a smaller group of the Bailan.

During the series the girls and their cook go around Tokyo investigating the strange crimes being committed by mutated human monsters with glowing brains.

Main Characters Jo is the strongest member of the group and also carries the bulk of equipment for the girls. She feels a strong attachment for Meg and will drop anything in an instance to protect her.

Meg is a dark haired girl who carries a revolver and dress like a cowgirl. During her younger life she was captured by some criminals. Jo helped save her life during this time and have since then been the best of friends.

Sei is very kind and also acts as the leader of the group. She was responsible for bringing the group together. Her grandfather runs the (Bailan a powerful organization of mercenaries).

Amy is the baby of the group, but what she lacks in age she makes up for in technological skills. She is sort of the brains behind the brawn of(Jo) and can always be counted on when an answer is needed.

Burst Angel is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (24 episodes). The series first aired on April 6, 2004.

Where do I stream Burst Angel online? Burst Angel is available for streaming on Other, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Burst Angel on demand at Amazon, iTunes, Crunchyroll online.

1 Season, 24 Episodes
April 6, 2004
Cast: Rie Tanaka, Megumi Toyoguchi, Mikako Takahashi, Akeno Watanabe, Susumu Chiba
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Burst Angel Full Episode Guide

  • Sei devises a plan to free Tokyo from the dominating clutches of RAPT, but she'll have to reassemble the team to pull it off.

  • It's a battle between Angels when Maria and Jo face off in the ultimate fight of their lives.

  • Cornered by a strange woman from Jo's past, Meg finds herself in the clutches of evil. Glenford tightens his grip on Tokyo as dark clouds move in overhead!

  • A new RAPT automated police vehicle is sent onto the highways of Tōkyō. Unfortunately, it appears to deem all criminals as equal: Try to run from the law, and the penalty is death. Unfortunately for the new policing weapon, it crosses the path of the Burst Angels.

  • Takane Katsu from Ōsaka ("Eastern Angel, Western Hawk") visits the Burst Angels and receives a tour of Tōkyō from Leo. When the two take in a tour of the TV studio in the metropolis, Takane reacts to filming of her favourite show. Attacking the cast of the series, she then faints and is taken to Tōkyō General Hospital.

  • Akiō Fudō gave away everything to become cyberised. The fact that he no longer feels human eats away at him little by little. When his old friend Kyōhei is put in danger, Akiō puts his life on the line.

  • Leading Jo into his village, the quiet samurai makes her feel at home...what little of it there is. The entire village is devoid of life ever since the townsfolk were killed years ago by a demon. When the cybot finds Jo, the samurai mistakes it for the demon and attacks.

  • On a mission, Jo begins to hallucinate about past missions. While out with Leo one night, they are ambushed by a cybot who leads them into a forest. Following the cybot further into the dense woods, Jo begins to hallucinate again just as a samurai attacks her.

  • While the Burst Angels relax and enjoy the Tōkyō Paradise Aquatic Park, a large sea monster tries to destroy the park for infringing on its territory. Just outside the park, a large oil tanker spills its contents and the oil slick makes its way towards the artificial oasis. One stray flame could spark an inferno.

  • Feeling betrayed, Takane Katsu vows revenge for her city on Tōgo Iriki. Receiving help from her old biker gang and the Burst Angels, Takane tries to come up with a plan to defeat Iriki's huge cybot.

  • Cornering the giant beast that ended the night's entertainment at the Ōsaka Tiger Dome, Jo is stopped from killing it by Takane Katsu of the Hanshin Police Hawk Unit. Takane brings Jo in for questioning, but doesn't have much luck with the stoic Angel.

  • A terrorist took control of an empty train and slammed into a full commuter train in Ōsaka. While investigating the scene, the lead detective receives a call from the terrorist, who tells the officer to meet his demands or the terrorist prognosticates that similar dangers will befall the Ōsaka-Kōbe Metropolitan Area. While the police check out suspicious people on the street, Jo arrives for her assignment.

  • Meg, Sei and Amy attend a gathering of the Chinese and Japan Lotus organisations aboard a yacht. Once there, Sei learns from her grandfather, Laopan of the White Lotus, that she is to reunify the two families by marrying the Japanese Black Lotus Leader.

  • With the abduction of Meg by the black crow and the injection of a virus into Kyouhei, Jo and Sei's priorities diverge. Jo wants only to save Meg ands she'll do it by using Kyouhei as a bargaining chip since it's the virus that the black crow wants. Sei wants the virus retrieved first; saving Meg comes second. Jo refuses Sei's orders and takes Kyouhei with her. Her hand forced, Sei sends her men after the two. The virus will kill Kyouhei in less than six hours. Time is running out.

  • Kyouhei attends a food festival with Shiho, a friend from his culinary school. While walking home, they talk about a crow that has been spiriting people away. Just then, a large black crow attacks the two, knocks down Kyouhei and takes Shiho. At first, Kyouhei goes to the local RAPT offices, but, finding them unwilling to help, he goes to his employer: The Burst Angels.

  • A student at an all-girl's school, who has been suffering from hallucinations, has been checked into a hospital. Meg goes undercover to find out what happened to the girl. While reporting in one night, she witnesses a girl named Youko, who she had become friends with earlier, try to commit suicide by jumping off of the dormitory roof.

  • Jo and Meg were able to track down Wong, but the situation became more complicated when RAPT scientists absconded with their quarry, placing Wong in a pressurized tank. Meg tried to stop the RAPT scientists herself, but before Jo can reach her, she is caught on a train heading for points unknown. Jo catches up with the Burst Angels' mobile fortress, and Sei, Jo and Amy begin to track down the train before it's too late for Meg.

  • Leaving his job cooking for the Burst Angels, Kyouhei looks at the want ads board at his school for a new job. However, it seems that the Burst Angels really need his services. He returns to the job just as Jo and Meg head out on a mission to retrieve a person that their employer wants to talk to.

  • The mission to retrieve a data disc during an exchange of merchandise between rival underworld factions goes awry and Meg has been kidnapped by a cybot controlled by one of the factions. Jo, incensed that her friend has been taken, turns her guns on Kyouhei and demands to know why the underworld group kidnapped him. Figuring out the underworld faction kidnapped Kyouhei because the group thought that he was working for the Burst Angels, Jo readies herself to rescue Meg...with Kyouhei along to help.

  • While making a delivery, Kyouhei Tachibana walks into the middle of a battle between a man and a woman. In the ensuing gun battle, Kyouhei's delivery moped is destroyed. Escaping with his life, he returns to the cooking school. Searching the wanted ads board, his teacher shows him an internet request for a cook who can make large meals. He takes the job and steps into the lives of the Burst Angels.