Transformers Beast Wars II

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"Transformers Beast Wars II" (1998) is a Japanese anime series inspired by the toys and cartoons. Unlike most Transformers, which could take the forms of cats, trucks, or planes, the characters in "Beast Wars II" took the form of animals. For example, the heroic Lio Convoy could turn into a lion, while the evil Galvatron transformed into a dragon. The plot basically pitted the Cybertrons against the villainous Destrons.

2 Seasons, 29 Episodes
April 1, 1998
Animation & Cartoon Kids & Family
Transformers Beast Wars II

Transformers Beast Wars II Full Episode Guide

  • As Starscream's cloned army commences an assault on Autobots and Decepticons, Optimus finds that his window of opportunity to close down the space bridge and rescue Professor Sumdac is narrowing. What power is needed to awaken the might of Omega Supreme? And what secret threatens to tear apart the life of Sari Sumdac?

  • The Autobots discover the identify of the Blue Racer as Megatron captures Bulkhead to assist him in the construction of a space-bridge that will enable his armies to stage a coup on Cybertron. Starscream prepares his cloned armies for an assault intent on wiping out both of his enemies at once...

  • Under the orders of a mysterious benefactor, Angry Archer, Nanosec, Professor Princess, and a new villain called Slo-Mo band together to defeat the Autobots.

  • Prowl goes off on his own to capture the fugitive Starscream after he escapes from the Elite Guard. He soon finds some competition in the form of the bounty hunter Lockdown.

  • After energy from Allspark fragments turns two construction vehicles into Transformers, Bulkhead befriends them. But the Decepticons turn the tables on the Autobot's new friends as they want the Constructicons to steal supplies for Megatron's space bridge.

  • During Detroit's garbage crisis, energy from the Allspark creates a Transformer from a pile of junk. His name is Wreck-Gar.

  • Unaware of what Megatron is up to, Ultra Magnus orders Optimus Prime and his Autobots to return to Cybertron. However, things take a turn for the worse before they can carry out those orders.

  • Headmaster is back and this time, he takes over Sentinel Prime's body after Porter C. Powell rehires him to help run the company in Isaac's absence. Now Sentinel Prime must team up with Optimus Prime to reclaim his body from Headmaster.

  • Sentinel Prime and the elite Cybertronian guard arrive on Earth to relieve the stranded Autobots of their present burden and help apprehend The Decepticons, but they find adapting to Earth's culture more difficult than Prime's own squadron found it to be...

  • With a new body under his control, Megatron finally resurfaces to seize control of the Decepticon invasion force. With both the Earth and Sari in danger from their enemies, the overwhelmed Autobots face their deadliest challenges yet

  • Starscream, Lugnut and Blitzwing commence their invasion of earth. Feeling that the Autobots need to tighten their security , Prime orders Sari to surrender the All-Spark Key, a heart-broken Sari flees, but she is soon captured by Blackarachnia. Starscream battles Bumblebee in a struggle that tears apart Sumdac Labs, whilst Doctor Sumdac finally discovers the harsh truth behind Megatron's true nature.

  • While camping in the woods, Prowl, Bumblebee, and Sari end up discovering Cybertronian energy readings in the forest. It gets worse when they have a run-in with parasitic space barnacles.

  • Sari has been kidnapped by the Dinobots.

  • Blitzwing and Lugnut have arrived on Earth looking for their leader Megatron.

  • Sari's new toy musical robot seems to have an evil streak ­ and the ability to control other machines -- but Bulkhead is the only one who sees it.

  • Bumblebee and Bulkhead's first Halloween turns even spookier when they encounter a giant spider that turns out to be the deadly Decepticon Blackarachnia.

  • Bumblebee challenges the frantic speed demon Nanosec as he threatens to tear up the pavements of Detroit with a frantically rapid crime spree

  • An old enemy of Ratchet's has resurfaced. His name is Lockdown, a bounty hunter working for the Decepticons.

  • Professor Sumdac upgrades a trio of animatronic dinosaurs from a local theme park, but the creatures develop minds of their own and become rampaging Dinobots, bent on destroying the Autobots.

  • A bio-engineering genius experiments with some of Bumblebee's hydraulic fluid and accidentally transforms himself into Meltdown, whose corrosive touch can melt anything -- including Autobots!

  • The Autobots discover that their new base on Earth comes attached with sentient machinery that is determined to maintain the manufacturing plant as their own

  • Optimus and Starscream battle for possession of The All-Spark, but when it's power is unleashed, what will be unveiled as The Autobots face a devastating tragedy?

  • The Autobots make their prescience known amongst Earth's population, whilst the curious Sari Sumdac, the daughter of benevolent scientist Issac Sumdac, discovers the prescience of Prime's team, and comes across the All-Spark itself...

  • Optimus Prime and his team of young Autobot warriors under the command of Sentinel Prime, comes across the powerful and mysterious Cybertronian artifact known as The All-Spark, which gives life to all machine matter. The unveiling of this great power attracts the attention of the Autobot's ancient and forgotten enemies The Decepitcons, led by the malevolent Megatron, whose attempts to seize the All-Spark lead to a ferocious battle that strands both Autobot and Decepticon factions on the planet known as Earth...