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  • 1969

Honey X Honey Drops is a romantic and dramatic anime series that tells the story of a young girl named Yuzuru Hagino. Yuzuru is a high school student with the ability to read people's emotions through contact with their skin. However, she keeps this ability a secret from everyone, even her best friend, since she feels that having such an ability makes her different and strange.

The story opens with Yuzuru being forced to join the school's student council by school resident playboy, Kuzumi Akira. Though Yuzuru tries her best to resist Akira's advances, he seems determined to get her to join the council, and not just because of her ability. It turns out that Yuzuru's family is tied to the school's finances, and Akira sees her as a way to gain some influence over the company.

Despite Akira's scheming, Yuzuru soon finds herself drawn to him, even though she knows that he only wants her for her abilities. Akira, on the other hand, is surprised to find himself falling for the guarded Yuzuru, and he becomes determined to make her open up to him. As the two of them grow closer, they find themselves on a journey of self-discovery and learning to trust each other.

The show's central love story is not the only compelling aspect of Honey X Honey Drops. The series also delves into complex topics like family relationships and societal expectations. Yuzuru is under a lot of pressure from her family to conform to their expectations and keep her abilities hidden, which causes her to struggle with her identity. Similarly, Akira feels trapped by his reputation as a playboy, and he is often misunderstood by the people around him.

Despite these heavy themes, Honey X Honey Drops never loses its sense of humor or fun. The supporting cast is full of quirky and entertaining characters who always manage to lighten the mood. The show's animation style is bright and colorful, and the characters are all designed with unique and memorable aesthetics.

Overall, Honey X Honey Drops is a captivating and heartfelt anime that will appeal to fans of romance, drama, and self-discovery stories. With its complex characters, intricate plot, and beautiful animation, it is sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who watches it.

Honey X Honey Drops