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Naota Nandaba is a preteen, working class kid living in the city of Mabase, Japan with his widowed father, Kamon, and paternal grandfather, Shigekune. He idolizes his older brother, Tasuku, who went to the United States to play professional baseball and frequently hangs out with Mamimi Samejima, a pyromaniac he's crushing on who also happens to be Tasuku's ex-girlfriend. Despite living in a city whose backdrop includes a humongous clothing iron-shaped Medical Mechanica building, Naota's life is pretty mundane. However, his life changes for the chaotic when Haruko Haruhara accidentally runs him over with a Vespa. After resuscitating Naota, Haruko strikes the boy in the head with her Rickenbacker 4001, a left-handed bass guitar. Naota runs away from the crazy girl and soon discovers that the point of injury serves as a gateway for "medical" robots produced by the Medical Mechanica Company, allowing them to emerge painfully from his forehead. Canti, the first of these robots to emerge from Naota's forehead decides to help Naota and his family, defending Mabase from the other robots of Medical Mechanica as well as serving as a butler within the Nandaba household.

Naota eventually returns home to find Haruko working for his father as a maid. Later, Haruko explains that she actually works for the Galactic Space Police Brotherhood and is in search of Atomsk, the Pirate King. On a different point of observation, Commander Amarao watches over Naota, believing that the Medical Mechanica Corporation wants to conquer the galaxy. All of these factions cause Naota to be brought into a tug of war between Haruko's rogue operation, Commander Amarao's desire to stop Medical Mechanica, and Medical Mechanica's own goals.

Fooly Cooly, also known as FLCL or ????, is a Japanese anime series which consists of six 23 minute-long episodes, co-produced by Studio GAINAX and I.G. Productions, with music by The Pillows, and written by Yoji Enokido. The series is licensed for distribution by FUNimation Entertainment in the United States and Canada, by Madman Entertainment in Australia, and by MVM Films in the United Kingdom.

1 Season, 6 Episodes
August 5, 2003
Anime Comedy
Fooly Cooly

Fooly Cooly Full Episode Guide

  • After Haruko disappeared, Naota's life went back to the ordinary. When Haruko reappears, her motives are simple, Naota has something that she wants. And when Naota realizes that the emptiness that he felt without Haruko was his longing for her, things spiral out of control. It's the climax!

  • Naota and his father have a duel over Haruko's affections and Naota attempts to ignore his feelings by pursuing Mamimi. Meanwhile, Haruko drops in on one of her old "friends" who is much less pleased to see her.

  • Naota has trouble living up to the standard that his brother set in baseball. Where his brother was the star player, Naota can't even swing the bat. To make things worse, his father and Haruko have been acting weirder than usual lately and he suspects that they have a relationship. It all comes to the climax when a giant outer space bomb heads straight for the town and Naota is the only one capable of saving them...if he can.

  • Naota's been cast as the cat in the play "Puss in Boots." Ninamori stars as the main character and she's determined to make Naota play the cat, no matter how much he doesn't want to. But there's something else that makes her want to do the play badly, her parents, who are facing divorce.

  • Mamimi's life has never gone well. Since the fire at her school years ago, she's been dreaming of a god that will save her and bless her. So when she sees Canti flying from a roof, she takes him as her god, her god of fire. But with all this fire in her life, is she the one to blame for the recent buildings burning down?

  • Naota's just an average boy who expects little from life. So imagine his surprise when he's run over by an alien woman on her vespa and hit over the head with her guitar, causing robots to come out of his head and mass chaos in general.