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The story of Yowamushi Pedal is about a young timid and wimpy freshmen in high school named Sakamichi Onada who is obsessed with anime. His goal is to one day join the anime club but instead, he joins the cycling club after he encounters two well-known cyclists in his school.

One day, he goes into cyclng training and finds out his hidden talent in cycling and thinks about competing in races.

Yowamushi Pedal is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (74 episodes). The series first aired on October 7, 2013.

Where do I stream Yowamushi Pedal online? Yowamushi Pedal is available for streaming on TV Tokyo, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Yowamushi Pedal on demand at Amazon Prime online.

Tuesday 1:35 AM et/pt on TV Tokyo
3 Seasons, 74 Episodes
October 7, 2013
Cast: Kôsuke Toriumi, Daiki Yamashita, Jun Fukushima, Ayaka Suwa
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Yowamushi Pedal Full Episode Guide

  • The race seems to be going according to Kyoto Fushimi Midousuji's plan, but Hakone Academy regains their pace through their powerful trust. A certain team is catching up to the team leading schools!

  • With Sakamichi and Tadokoro caught up, team Sohoku finally has all six members. As though pulled along by Sakamichi's efforts, Imaizumi and Naruko begin riding with their hearts as one.

  • 100 meters to the sprint checkpoint. In his battle against Midousuji, Shinkai awakens as Hakone's straight line demon and rides faster than ever. In the face of such overwhelming power, Midousuji removes the tape on his thighs and rides at full power.

  • Though Makishima and Naruko meet up with the grouop, Sohoku remains at a disadvantage. However, knowing Sakamichi and Tadokoro are catching up from behind, they begin pursuing the teams in the lead once again.

  • eam Sohoku's members are separated. The champions Hakone Academy and Midousuji's Kyoto Fushimi sprint ahead, leaving a panicked Imaizumi and Kinjou behind.

  • The longest stage of the three day race begins on the second day of the Inter-High. With his order to climb the pass and catch up to Kinjou and Imaizumi with the whole team in two in his heart, Sakamichi begins riding. However, having fallen ill the previous day, Tadokoro stands alone at the starting line unable to move!

  • Fukutomi, Kinjou, and Midousuji's three way battle ends in a three way tie after the first day of the Inter-High. As the winners of each section's checkpoint are celebrated, Tadokoro falls ill and collapses on the ground. Amidst a disquieted atmosphere, Team Sohoku heads to their lodgings.

  • Just before the finish line, Midousuji strikes at a moment's opening and astoundingly closes on the aces. In order to protect his ace, Imaizumi chases after him with his legs approaching their limit, but.

  • 4 kilometers to the finish line. As each school's ace begins riding to win the first day, Sohoku's ace Kinjou and Imaizumi aim for the finish line with the team's hopes on their shoulders. Imaizumi drafts for Kinjou with all his might, but Hakone Academy's ace assistance Arakita approaches the duo like a beast.

  • With Sakamichi caught up to the team, Makishima chases after his rival, Hakone Academy's Toudou. Their showdown has finally begun! Passing the 100th man Midousuji, Sakamichi catches up to the Sohoku team with his surging climb.

  • Believing Sakamichi will catch up to the team, Makishima decides to wait three minutes. Meanwhile, now in last place, Sakamichi begins riding as hard as he can for team Sohoku riding in the lead. Told to pass 100 riders by Teshima, Sakamichi catches up with his astoundingly high cadence! However, Kyoto Fushimi's Midousuji stands in his way.

  • When Sakamichi gets wrapped up in a fall and ends up in last place, Makishima takes over leading the team through the mountain stage. Hakone Academy's Toudou appears, and.

  • Sakamichi pedals to take his team's jersey to the finish line, and Manami strains to reach the peak. As both competitors ride all-out, the Inter-high comes to a close!

  • Entrusted with Sohoku's hopes, Sakamichi charges straight ahead. Meanwhile, Manami shifts up gear by gear as he rides for the peak

  • Midousuji attacks again and again, and Imaizumi holds him back. As their battle gains speed, the race enters the Fuji Azami Line's only downhill section!

  • Sakamichi reaches the lead pack and joins Imaizumi, and the pair reaffirms their desire to win. Without a moment's delay, Midousuji begins his attack!

  • Determined to become stronger for his team, Sakamichi pedals as hard as he can and eventually catches up to Midousuji and Manami. A three-way battle between the first years begins!

  • 10 kilometers to the finish line. A fierce battle begins between Midousuji, who is trying to catch the front pack, and Manami, who demonstrates his strength in an attempt to stop the former. Meanwhile, Makishima entrusts Sakamichi with his own emotions...

  • With the consciousness of an ace and the resolve to carry his team, Imaizumi's abilities are fullly awakened, and he begins subduing Fukutomi through brute force! Meanwhile, Midousuji, who was thought to have fallen behind

  • Sohoku catches up to Hakone Academy during the mountain stage, but Naruko is exhausted and collapses. Carrying on Naruko's will, Imaizumi makes an announcement!

  • Inspired by Kinjou's words, the three first years and Makishima race up the mountain to catch Hakone Academy. Naruko the Sprinter begins pulling for his team!

  • The effects of the third years pulling lasts only a moment as Shinkai pulls Hakone Academy ahead of Sohoku again. However, Tadokoro carries his team with a final all-out pull...

  • Izumida's acceleration allows Hakone Academy to pull ahead of Sohoku and ride by themselves in the front of the pack. Kinjou and his friends begin pulling in place of the first years to prevent the gap between the teams from becoming decisive

  • Arakita sacrifices himself to pull his team, and Hakone Academy accelerates as they carry on his will. As Sohoku does their best to keep up, Izumida exhibits a desperate sprint!

  • Arakita, who let go of his past and faced only forward, defeats Machimiya. All six members of Sohoku and Hakone Academy are united as they head into the final stage!

  • Machimiya's resentment towards Hakone Academy explodes and viciously headbutts Arakita as he rides out of control. Seeing Machimiya, Arakita recalls his past..

  • Arakita accepts Sakamichi's desperate request to cooperate. Together with Manami, the trio catches up to Machimiya through Arakita's beastly pulling. Hiroshima Kureminami's Ibiya proposes a "20 meter gap race" to Arakita,Yowamushi Pedal

  • Machimiya's rear pack swallows Sakamichi. Hiroshima Kureminami quickly abandons the pack and uses the energy they conserved to chase after the front

  • The third day of the Inter-high has finally begun. Sohoku and Hakone Academy cooperate in order to reach the aces who started before them. Meanwhile, Hiroshima Kureminami's Machimiya gathers the rear pack and begins cooperating with them as well.

  • The Inter-high enters its final day. Before the race begins, as each school's tension reaches its peak, Machimiya of Hiroshima Kureminami appears before Sakamichi and his team.

  • After his loss on the second day of the Inter-high, Midousuji says he won't participate in tomorrow's race and leaves the hotel alone. While riding back to Kyoto, Midousuji runs into Sakamichi...

  • Just before the second day's finish line, Kinjou and Fukutomi pass Midousuji. Who will cross the finish line first...

  • Midousuji's unexpected solo attack before the sharp turn leaves him riding in the lead alone just before the finish line. However, Kinjou and Fukutomi place their team's hopes on their backs and exceed their limits to catch up to Midousuji

  • Just before the second day's finish line as three schools compete for the lead, ace assistant Imaizumi aims to propel his ace ahead of the pack after the sharp turn

  • There are 4 kilometers remaining to the finish line of the Inter-high's second day. Riding in the lead are Hakone Academy, Kyoto Fushimi, and Sohoku High, whose members were united through Sakamichi's efforts