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The Japanese Mecha anime Eureka Seven: Astral Ocean, Eureka Seven: AO for short, is the story of 13-year-old Ao Fukai. Abandoned after his mother Eureka went missing ten years prior, Ao now lives with his foster parent, Dr. Toshio Fukai, in the Okinawa of 2025. When a mysterious entity known only as "Secret" attacks the Scub Coral around his home, Ao inadvertently discovers the robot Nirvash, a Mecha once owned by his mother.

Though inoperable since Eureka's disappearance, Ao is able to activate Nirvash and help defeat "Secret", known to the Okinawans as G-Monsters. After the battle Ao and Nirvash, along with Ao's female friend Naru Arata, join the other Mechas of Generation Bleu in order to rid the world of G-Monsters while solving the mysteries of his mother's departure and learning more about the history of their Mechas and the Scub Coral.

Eureka Seven: Astral Ocean is the sequel to the previous Eureka Seven series. Begun as a Japanese magna in the monthly Sh?nen Ace magazine, the anime version of the series is produced by the Bones studio. The series is written by Tomoki Kyoda and directed by Sh? Aikawa. At this writing, the anime is distributed by Funimation Entertainment.

Each of the 24 episodes produced, as well as the standard OVA (Original Video Animation), featured musical-referenced titles spanning decades of rock and roll history. For example, the series fourth episode, Woku Disu Wei, referenced Walk This Way by Aerosmith. The next episode, Taitun Appu, referred to Tighten Up, the 60s dance song from Archie Bell & the Drells.

Eureka Seven: Astral Ocean premiered on April 12, 2012 on three networks - the Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS), Mainichi Broadcasting System (MBS), and Chubu-Nippon Broadcasting (CBC). All episodes, including the OVA, ran until November 19, 2012, with three weeks off for the Summer Olympics. Presently, no further episodes have been announced, nor has there been any discussion of importing the series for English speaking audiences.

Eureka Seven: Astral Ocean is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (25 episodes). The series first aired on May 16, 2017.

Where do I stream Eureka Seven: Astral Ocean online? Eureka Seven: Astral Ocean is available for streaming on FUNimation, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Eureka Seven: Astral Ocean on demand at Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV online.

1 Season, 25 Episodes
May 16, 2017
Animation & Cartoon
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Eureka Seven: Astral Ocean Full Episode Guide

  • As the heartbreaking answers are revealed, Ao formulates his choice.

  • The complex relationship between Ao, Naru, and Truth comes to a breaking point. While they try to sort things out, a stranger appears and he seems to have some uncanny knowledge.

  • The altercation with Truth brings to light new truths about him and the strange IFO-like craft that is now a part of him.

  • Team Pied Piper works with Japan and the Secrets to hold up their end of the contract that Blanc forged before he died.

  • With the Generation Bleu Headquarters besieged and with Blanc gone Ao and the others must figure out what they believe in and whether it's worth fighting for.

  • Generation Bleu find themselves facing up agains the UN Sanctions and Allied Forces all because they took back AO and the Quartz Gun.

  • With Ao gone, Fleur and Elena are left to deal with the way he left. But no matter how they feel, the only way either of them can go to him is by activating the Third Engine on their IFOs.

  • After Ao's desperate stand against the swarm of Secrets, he finds himself in a world that is familiar, yet different in disturbing ways. As he goes about trying to figure out what happened and how he might fix it, he makes a surprising move.

  • Ao is still conflicted about fighting Secrets, but with a swarm of Secrets descending on all the Scub Corals that have become active again, an operation is set in motion to eliminate all the Secrets at once.

  • As Eureka and Ao fight against Truth, the JAF and Generation Bleu become embroiled as well. The fallout of this military encounter is further complicated by Naru's mysterious return.

  • Bobbing in the ocean in the Gekko, Ao faces a strange reunion with Eureka. At the same time, the Allied Forces, Japan, Generation Bleu, and Truth close in on the prize - Eureka, her Nirvash, and the Gekko.

  • Pied Piper goes up into space to take care of a Secret that presents a threat to the satellites orbiting around Earth. As the mission unfolds, there are startling revelations in store for Ao.

  • Pied Piper runs into an unusual situation where there is a confirmed Scub Burst, but no Secret in sight. They collect the Quartz and that seems to be the end of it, but strange things start to happen when they return to base.

  • A Scub Burst occurs in the Arizona. Political complications keep Pied Piper on the sidelines while Truth's meddling creates a dangerous situation for Ao and Ivica.

  • Having failed to obtain the Nirvash for their own use, Japan goes forward with a dangerous experiment to create a Coral plant for themselves. Generation Bleu sends Ao's team to stop them at all costs.

  • Ao discovers how duplicitous adults can be and, along with Fleur, he rebels in his own way to stay true to what he believes is right.

  • As this mysterious Truth wreaks havoc at Generation Bleu HQ, his motivations remain enigmatic, but they seem to have something to do with the Nirvash. And by extension, as Nirvash's pilot, with Ao.

  • Ao gets a taste of what it's like to be part of a real mission and a better sense of just how high the stakes are. Meanwhile, strange things are happening around the world, apparently driven by one mysterious individual.

  • Having thrown in his lot with Generation Bleu, Ao returns with Team Pied Piper to their headquarters in Switzerland. There, he finds himself out of his element and struggling to figure out how he fits in to their plans.

  • With renewed resolve to fight to protect the island, Ao takes on the G-Monster with some help.

  • Ao has always faced discrimination as a foreigner, but his newly revealed blue hair and involvement in the recent crisis spur the islanders to take action against him. And in the process, Ao learns more about his mother.

  • Ao has always faced discrimination as a foreigner, but his newly revealed blue hair and involvement in the recent crisis spur the islanders to take action against him.

  • Ao is one day away from starting middle school when his world begins to change. Scub Coral activity leads to Scub Bursts and mysterious G-Monsters.