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The Twelve Kingdoms is a television show about a young student named Yoko Nakajima, who is told by a mysterious stranger that he has been on a long search for the rightful ruler of the kingdom where he is from. This fantasy show highlights the many choices our main character has to make as she decides to ascend the throne.

The Twelve Kingdoms is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (69 episodes). The series first aired on April 1, 2002.

Where do I stream The Twelve Kingdoms online? The Twelve Kingdoms is available for streaming on Other, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Twelve Kingdoms on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Tubi TV online.

4 Seasons, 69 Episodes
April 1, 2002
Anime, Drama
Cast: Aya Hisakawa, Bob Papenbrook, Dave Wittenberg, Jamieson Price, Joshua Seth
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The Twelve Kingdoms Full Episode Guide

  • En-O concludes his tale of Tatsuyu and the Gen State rebellion.

  • Atsuya loses support from his people when the people rebel against Atsuya's army for attempting to destroy the dam that the king had ordered his men to built.Later face to face with the King of En, Atsuya is given a choice to either surrender or to take the throne by a one to one sword battle.

  • The river embankment is under construction causing Atsuyu to fear that the king is attempting to flood his town. Rokuta discovers Atsuyu's father, Genkai, weakened and locked in a cell.

  • Shouryuu continues his tale of Atsuyu. With Rokuta held captive in Gen State, Atsuyu sends a messenger to Shouryuu at Kankyuu, to give him his terms.

  • Shouryuu begins his tale about Atsuyu, an officer of Gen State who raised a rebelliion against his rule. And of Koya, a boy that was raised by a pack of monsters.

  • General Seishin of Kei Kingdom, has been tasked with the delivery of some letters to Gekkei, one of Ho Kingdom's state leader. And to try and convince Gekkei to take the post of provisional king.Seishin has also been asked to deliver a letter from Youko to Kyo Kingdom's queen, to asks Kyo-O to forgive Shokei for her indisciplinary acts and theft.

  • Youko finally reveals to her army her true identity, and the war is ended.Youko returns to her throne and with the proof that she has acquired, she has the corrupt officials arrested. Seikyo's scheme is exposed. And Youko gives her first official order.

  • Former Chosai, Seikyo, orders the Royal Army to Shoko's Go castle, and he expects the rebels there to surrender themselves upon seeing the Dragon Flag carried by the army. Meanwhile, the rebels worry that the Takuho villages will be taken hostage by the soldiers.

  • Youko and the rebels have managed to infiltrate into Shouko's inner castle walls. And Youko finally finds Shouko and they do battle.Meanwhile, Asano goes on a mission to Meikaku to get help.

  • Raiders strike at Shoko's estates and write the word "˜Shu-On' on the walls when they can't find him.

  • Youko decides to go look for Enho. She's bewildered by what could have injured Kei Kei like that. Shoukei discusses with her group about the bad situation of the area. They bring up the idea of a rebellion. It's clear that Shokou must be stopped. Meanwhile Sekki and his group are in the middle of moving locations of their hideout. Suzu and Shoukei end up being sent to the same inn as representives to exchange money with toki weapons with their respected groups. The master of the inn prevents them from getting personal with eachother. They end up having to stay the night. That night they realize their both after Shokou and how much they've lost along the way. Suzu begins to cry but Shoukei assures her that Queen Kei must be a good person. Back at Shokou's palaca, he is describing to Asano how he is protected from being punished by the heavens for his sins. Asano wants to save the queen of Kei, but Shokou forbids it. Youko butst into Sekki and Koshou's new hide out and proves to them t

  • Youko defeats all the guards chasing her, and they run away. Shoukou sends Asano with his men to visit the house Youko's been staying at. Shoukei gets hidden at a house in town by her new friend who saved her. In exchange for staying she does all his dishes for him. He discusses with her about how Shoukou runs this area and often goes to "hunt" people. Enraged, she wonders why Queen Kei allows such a man to run this area. Elsewhere, Koshou is explaining the ways of their group to Suzu. Suzu seems determined to make Queen Kei pay... Youko goes to the groups inn and talks to Suzu. Suzu explains why she hates Queen Kei. Youko, still using the alias, is upset that her people think this way of her and leaves. Shoukou's men storm Enho's house. Asano sees the boy, Kei Kei, and feaks out. Thinking it's Seishou, he shoots the boy. Confused about what he just did, the men kill her mother and leave with Enho as their hostage. Just then Youko and Keiki return there. Keiki smells blood so Youko che

  • Rakushun describes to Shoukei a little more about how the world of The Twelve Kingdoms works. He also tells her about how he met Youko, and how they traveled together. Shoukei reveals to Rakushun everything that she's been through since her father was killed. Elsewhere, Asano is talking with Shoukou. He tells him about how he ended up in this world and what he and Suzu went through. Shoukou offers for Asano to come work for him.

  • Suzu is confused by Asano's gun due to the fact that she came from a time where that type of pistel didn't exist. He forces her out of the wagon and just then the travelers approach them and ask whats going on. Asano has a youma flashback to the day he fell off the cliff and freaks out; running back into the wagon. They explain to Suzu how they tried to explain to Asano about Queen Kei but he never understood. She goes to ask him if he wants to come with her to find queen Kei but he doesn't reply. Later, Asano wanders off into town by himself. While Suzu is waiting for her boat to take off, she saves a young boy from falling off the side. He is less then grateful though. In Kei, all of Youko's officials are confused by her absence. At the same time in En, Enki explains to Rakushun how Youko has left the kingdom to think. Rakushun, worried about it, sets off to try to find her. The next day, Youko arrives to a town and saves a family from rampaging youma. The old man introduces himsel

  • Youko is imformed of the depception in her ranks. She returns to the palace. Later Keiki comes to ask Youko what happened, Youko, still getting the feeling that Keiki dissaproves of her, lashes out at him again and sends him away. Her sword glows and shows her images from her child hood of always trying to be liked. Back to Shoukei, Gobo is giving her dinner. Shoukei is now in jail and tells Gobo how her parents were killed infront of her. Gobo tells her now she knows how it feels. The next morning the villages are about ready to execute Shoukei when all the sudden troops arrive saying the lord of Kei requests her. She goes with them. Back to Suzu, as she's falling one of Riyou's youma catches her in air. She decides she is fed up with this and will seek out queen Kei. She orders to youma to take her to the golden palace. Back in Kei, Youko meets with her officials. She's tired of being walked all over so she gives orders and tells no one to complain. Everyone seems unhappy with it. Wh

  • Suzu is having a dream that she met queen Kei and that she made Riyou work for her instead. She wakes up only to be scolded by Riyou and given more chores. Back in Kei, Youko is meeting with her officials again. Everyone seems to be against Youko's decisions. Later one of Youko's servants teachers her the ranks and jobs of all her officials. Uikyou, one of Youko's officials, invites Youko to come to dinner. Youko excepts. One of Youko's decision staff pressures her into making a decision while Keiki is away. Youko tells him to do whatever he wants with the matter. Keiki arrives afterwords and tells her she was wrong for letting him decide something on his own. She lashes out at him saying that she's sick of him dissapproving her. She tells him to leave. Keiki is speechless. In Shoukei's story, she is singing a song when a little girl asks her to teach it to her. But she tells her she isn't suited to know it. At the same time Suzu breaks a vase and is punished by Riyou. She is sent to a

  • King En, Enki and Rakushun stop by the palace to see Youko. They assure her she's doing a good job. Later Youko meets with her decision staff. They debate a conspiracy that is going on withint the kingdoms. Afterwords Youko changes to go speak with King En. He discusses with her about how she needs to find aids she can count on. Elsewhere Rakushun and Enki talk about how Youko seems to be a little depressed. Youko tells King En that people bowing to her just doesn't seem right. King En reassures her that its the only way. Keiki interupts and escorts Youko to her next duty. Back to Suzu's story, Riyou returns home and tells Suzu how she met queen Kei and how she came from Japan aswell. This catches Suzu's attention. She now has a plan to escape Riyou and go see queen Kei. At the same time Shoukei is being yelled at by her adopted grandmother. Her name is Gobo and she finds out that Shoukei is the king's daughter. The king killed her son and now she is very angry with Shoukei. She claims