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The story of Saiyuki takes place in a time where both humans and demons lived in peace. Unfortunately, that time was short lived and the demons began to attack and plot against the humans by unleashed an ancient evil demon called Gyumao. A man named Genjo Sanzo, who is rogue priest is forced to work with three demons called Sha Gojyo, Son Hoku and Cho Hakkai and go on a journey to put an end to these evil demons plans while restoring peace between the humans and demons of this planet.

Saiyuki is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (103 episodes). The series first aired on April 4, 2000.

Where do I stream Saiyuki online? Saiyuki is available for streaming on Other, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Saiyuki on demand at Hulu, iTunes online.

3 Seasons, 103 Episodes
April 4, 2000
Anime, Action & Adventure
Cast: Braden Hunt, Akira Ishida
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Saiyuki Full Episode Guide

  • Kinkaku's brother, Ginkaku appeared before Goku and Hakkai after they defeated the huge creature. Like Goku and Hakkai, his soul was also trapped by Kami-sama's power. He pleaded to them to save his brother.Sanzo is tied up by the magic gourd controlled by Kinkaku. Gojyo manage to get Sanzo's gun and shot the gourd, breaking it to pieces.The monster Kinkaku treated as his brother suddenly attacked Gojyo and Sanzo but was stopped by Goku. The he and Hakkai's souls had excape when the gourd broke. Hakkai later explained to Kinkaku of his brother's fate. Suddenly, Kinkaku was hit with rosary beads, killing the child on the spot. It was the Kami-sama.

  • Taking place in the past it offers a view at the Saiyuki quartet before their formation and their journey to the west. First OVA starts with Sanzo and his master, also with Ukoku (known as a later Ni Jianyi). Second OVA shows first meeting of Goku and Sanzo. Third OVA considers the events after Hakkai's sins and his trial (that we know from first season of "Saiyuki") and his decision to live in Gojyo's house.

  • In the middle of a daily youkai fight, Goku was thrown off a cliff and landed in a misty forest. The mist was so thick, Goku couldn't find his way out, nor could his companions find him. A girl, Shion later found Goku and led him to her house.Being the usual saru who will be friendly with anyone who gives him good food, he ate a sumptuous meal at Shion's house without a single suspicion even though Shion's parents acted a little strange. Shion later brought Goku to meet his companions but Goku could sense something amiss when he met them. But before he could do anything, a rock monster appeared and said that Goku was going to be his meal. He had used Shion to lure Goku into his trap.Why would this sweet girl be working for the rock monster? How will Goku get out alive?

  • Think of words to describe Sanzo. Brutal, corrupt, self-centered, arrogant, haughty...He sounds like some tough unbreakable, high-ranking priest. But who would suspect the great Sanzo-sama has a teeny little weakness?After fighting off a group of youkai, they meet a most unexpected company. A little kitten. As Goku, Hakkai and Gojyo started playing with it, the sight of this furball sent Sanzo into a sneezing fit. (View it here -> Sneezing Sanzo by :devblumarine:)Despite his protest, his companions decide to keep the kitten. Sanzo later discovers that there is more to this little kitten than just a allergy-causing furball.

  • The episode continues where episode 5 left off. Goku told Yaone, Lirin and Dokugakuji of what happened the day before. While the others are trying to get into the village which was protected by the youkai's vocal barrier (kekkai), Kougaiji appeared and decides to help Goku get back his friends and also their memories.

  • They are hungry and tired after a long journey. All they want to do is eat and drink to their hearts contents. The food was good, but trouble breaks out when Gojyo complains to the restaurant owner that his place is unhygienic due to the amount of flies hovering around and begins swatting them with Sanzo's harisen. It seems that the people in that town are being controlled by bugs placed by a youkai. To make matters worse, Lirin pays Sanzo-ikkhou a visit only to be infected by the youkai's bug.