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  • TV-14
  • 2000
  • 4 Seasons
  • 7.4  (224)

Saiyuki is a Japanese anime television series from 2000 to 2001. The series is based on the famous Chinese novel Journey to the West, which follows the adventures of four unlikely heroes as they journey to India to stop a demonic resurrection. The series storyline is set in ancient China and follows the tale of Gods, demons, and humans that come together to preclude a demon lord from being reawakened.

The four main characters are Genjo Sanzo, a Buddhist priest, who is tasked with finishing the journey to India to stop the demon ban, Son Goku a monk, who is a human-raised powerful demon and happy go lucky, Sha Gojyo, who is half Human and half Demon, and Cho Hakkai, who is a human and a former demon.

The show is directed by Hayato Date with the screenplay written by Katsuyuki Sumizawa, who has worked on several notable anime shows like Mobile Suit Gundam Wing and Inuyasha. The anime's voice cast features Akira Ishida as Cho Hakkai, Braden Hunt as Son Goku, and Japanese actress Atsuko Enomoto as Sha Gojyo. The English dubbing features popular voice actors like Greg Ayres as Goku, Ian Sinclair as Gojyo, and Monica Rial as Hakkai.

The anime features a supernatural storyline set in ancient China, where our four heroes, who each have their own secrets, are on a journey to reach the west to save humanity from the impending demonic threat. The intricate plot unfurls as they embark on the journey to stop evil and uncover secrets that will change their lives forever.

The show has a unique mix of humor, action, and drama, all tied together to create a captivating story that compels the viewers to watch more. It also has plenty of comedic moments that highlight the characters' personalities, making it a balanced show.

One of the main draws of the show are the characters themselves. They all come from different backgrounds, yet they share a bond that is unbreakable. Sanzo, the priest who is stoic and straightforward with a cigarette in his mouth, is the leader of the group. Goku, the demon who is innocent and childlike, was raised by humans despite being powerful. Sha Gojyo is the half-demon, half-human character who is hot-headed and a bit of a womanizer. Hakkai is the quiet, rational one of the group, a former villain who has joined their quest to atone for his past mistakes.

The series is famous for its character development, and the show explores each character's past, motivations, and relationships with each other. The subtle relationships that grow between the characters make it all the more personal and believable.

The animation quality of Saiyuki is noteworthy, and it has aged well over the years. The fight scenes are fluid and dynamic, and the backgrounds are beautifully drawn. The soundtrack for the show is also excellent, with a mix of traditional and contemporary tunes that match the tone of the show.

Overall, Saiyuki from 2000 to 2001 is an incredible anime that is worth the watch. It is well-written, well-produced, and well-performed. The engaging plot, coupled with exceptional characters, make it an unforgettable experience. Fans of anime that enjoy action, humor, and drama will enjoy this show. Despite being over 20 years old, Saiyuki remains one of the best anime shows ever produced, and it's a testament to the enduring nature of this classic.

Saiyuki is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (140 episodes). The series first aired on April 4, 2000.

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  • Premiere Date
    April 4, 2000
  • IMDB Rating
    7.4  (224)