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Final Approach was a visual novel that has been adapted into an anime television series. It was designed by Ibe Yukiko and there is a PlayStation 2 video game that was based on the show. The show is set in modern day Japan and is centered on Ryo and his younger sister Akane.

The story begins with a decline in birth rates, so the Japanese Congress launched an experimental government program to increase it. This national program is nicknamed R.T.P. and it arranges marriages for very young children. The theory is that if they marry at a younger age than the birth rate will increase drastically.

Because this experimental program was done in secrecy, the Japanese government does not know what the emotional, economic or social outcome will be. They have decided to start the program on an experimental level and this means that they will start with just one young couple to see how well it works out.

The government has chosen a young brother and sister, Ryo and Akane Mizuhara, for the new program. Their parents passed on why they were very young and they live with their guardian Haru. Ryo is in the 11th grade and his sister is in the 10th grade. After school they work in a caf

1 Season, 13 Episodes
October 7, 2004
Cast: Dean Cain
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  • The epilogue which showcases Shizuka moving into Haru's previous apartment, right next to the Mizuhara siblings' own apartment, and also shows a wedding commercial Emiho's brother is working on.

  • The absence of Shizuka begins to weigh on Ryo's mind as he tries to live each day normally after her departure. In the end he decides to go look for Shizuka.

  • Akane prepares a farewell dinner for Shizuka, and asks Ryo to dine alone with Shizuka "like good, old friends."

  • Shizuka's bodyguards show up one night before she has to return to her old school to take exams. They deliver a message from her father, who demands that she leaves the whole marriage behind and comes home.

  • In practicing ignorance around Shizuka, Ryo is reproved for his action, and is given a chance to reevaluate his decision.

  • The main cast spends a day skiing on a mountain, in conjunction with Ryo and Emiho's date. When a blizzard starts getting worse, the group is forced to spend the day outliving the storm.

  • Emiho confesses that she too has a planned marriage, in which Ryo debates about a person's will in such unions.

  • Shizuka is introduced into her fiancĂ©'s workplace, the Plavi, where trouble ensues.

  • Their far-reaching operatives have made additional moves by kidnapping a woman in Virginia, and in Maryland, a mother and her young daughter. The women, strangers bound in terror miles apart, have something else in common--both their husbands, high-powered bankers, are aboard the doomed flight. Jack begins to fear that the hijacker's motives extend beyond their radical beliefs. On ground, his suspicions are confirmed by Alicia when she discovers that Gilliad is a munitions expert with mad visions of nuclear grandeur. Unfortunately, there's only one way to stop him--by blowing the airliner out of the sky. Either way, the terrifying situation will be positively explosive.

  • One year ago Jack Bender (Dean Cain, 10.5 Apocalypse) was the most decorated hostage rescue specialist in FBI history. Then came the botched siege on the Utah compound of radical cult leader Silas Jansen (William Forsythe, The Rock). It left an innocent child dead, destroyed Jack's career, and put a strain on an already tenuous relationship with his estranged wife Alicia (Lea Thompson, Back to the Future), employee of the Federal Aviation Administration. Now Jack's skills are unexpectedly challenged again when he finds himself aboard a domestic flight that's been hijacked by a man named Gilliad (Anthony Michael Hall,The Dead Zone), head of a terrorist organization called the People's Separatist Movement. The demand is the release of their leader Silas Jansen from prison. But the skies aren't the thing that the PSM has commandeered.

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