Archie's Funhouse

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The early 1970s featured a number of cartoons that tended towards the silly and politically correct. Archie's Funhouse was one such series, featuring characters from Archie Comics. There were a number of different segments, ranging from skits to songs, with the occasional running gag. The show was an hour long show, and made inroads into pop culture, with some of the first well-known songs on equality, ecology, and other positive messages. There was very little subversive humor, as the show was based on one of the more straight-laced comics. Nonetheless, it was a great show and a fan favorite.

There was a very loose structure to each show. Although there were a number of recurring segments, and each show featured three songs from the band, how often each segment showed up was virtually random. The combination of random segments and music made the show a favorite among viewers. Thirty-two songs of the songs were released on the Archie Funnies featuring the Giant Jukebox, with a number of the songs becoming cult classics, such as Mr. Factory, Here Comes The Sun, and We Are All Family, with Mr. Factory being one of the first ecology-based songs.

Some of the segments became fan favorites over time. There were three songs per show, featured in the Giant Jukebox segment; it has been argued that this segment changed music videos from simple edits of the performer's filmed sets to giving them a narrative element or giving the music a stylistic representation. There were other segments, such as How to Catch a Man, with Big Ethel attempting to catch Jughead Wile E. Coyote style, The Big, Big World of Sports with Coach Cleats, and a trapeze act featuring Moose and Reggie, with humor of the timeless goofball type. It was an animated variety show, and they had no problem doing strange things, albeit well within a G-rating, on each show.

Although it only lasted one season, the show was nonetheless able to go into syndication, and the show was sometimes split in half to better accommodate local schedules. The cast featured regulars such as Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead, with Reggie being the butt of many jokes, with a supporting cast that included Coach Cleats, Big Ethel, Moose, and Professor Wiggins. By combining timely songs with scatter shot humor, the show was able to find itself a niche among viewers, and create a fun time for all involved.

Saturday 11:00 AM et/pt on CBS
1 Season, 23 Episodes
September 12, 1970
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Howard Morris, Dallas McKennon, Ron Dante, John Erwin, Toni Wine
Archie's Funhouse

Archie's Funhouse Full Episode Guide

  • The gang serves up more movie parodies on "The Early Early Show". The lineup includes a spoof of the 1931 gangster epic Little Caesar, with Archie as Edward G. Robinson and Dilton Doily as George Raft) (who wasn't even in the original film).

  • The Funhouse "Trashathon" sets out to clean up America, despite Reggie's "help" and Coach Cleats' leap over a row of garbage cans. Big Ethel uses a glider, a backpack propellor and an ancient roadster in her campaign to ensnare Jughead.

  • Welcome to Archie's Funhouse Riverboat, where anything can happy and probably will. On this occasion, "Swami" Moose performs a mind-reading act assisted by Veronica.

  • The Funhouse "Trashathon" sets out to clean up America, despite Reggie's "help" and Coach Cleats' leap over a row of garbage cans. Big Ethel uses a glider, a backpack propellor and an ancient roadster in her campaign to ensnare Jughead.

  • The Fun House County Fair promise to dazzles the live audience. Sidshow attractions include Betty trying to guess Veronica's weight, and Jughead passing off Hot Dog as a "talking dog" (it's an old joke but a reliable one).

  • It's "Archie's Amateur Show" today, as Reggie mixes up an egg souffle and leads a kiddie orchestra, Moose does bird calls, Big Ethel juggles, Mr. Weatherby attempts a "one man band" act, Coach Cleats tackles the trampoline.

  • Archie stages a rodeo, featuring trick rider Reggie (assuming he ever gets on the horse) and expert (?) rope twirler Texas Moose. Elswhere, Big Ethel performs a human cannonball act, the better to ensare her hearthrob Jughead.

  • The gang gathers together to perform an ice-skating act, featuring Mr. Weatherby in a Santa suit and Reggie attempting to "jump the polar bears" (guess there weren't any sharks).

  • Reggie the Great's magic act doesn't quite live up to its hype. Betty and Veronica perform a yodelling act with the "help" of Moose. Coach Cleats performs a highly suspect act of strength.

  • As Archie welcomes the viewers to today's big show, Reggie tries vainly to stir up audience interest for his new act.

  • Archie, Reggie and Moose perform a death-defying seesaw act. Artist Jughead paints a picture of Reggie with a few surrealistic embellishments. The "Little Archies" give a bath to Mr. Weatherby's dog Fluff.

  • Archie encounters several kinds of trouble when he answers an old-fashioned telephone. Mr. Weatherby gives a lesson in paddling a canoe. Jughead imagines himself at sea on a whaler, in pursuit of "Mopey Dick."

  • It's Laurel and Hardy redux, as Archie and Moose try to deliver a balky piano up a steep hill. Later, Archie films an old-fashioned melodramatic movie, with Betty tied to the tracks by Reggie, and Jughead running the train--without brakes.

  • Archies paints his jalopy with the "help" of Jughead's new high-powered (and low-functioning) spray gun. Reggie shows off his ski-jumping skills to an unimpressed Veronica.

  • While Jughead performs a running gag with a fire hose (which looks more like a rope!), Mr. Weatherby demonstrates how to pitch a pup tent, a painting of a kite springs to life, and Reggie dreams of being a fearless elephant hunter.

  • Archie tries out a talking photo machine, but the results are hardly to his liking. Outside the Fun House, Professor Jughead gives a skiing lesson, and later tries to elude Big Ethel as she attempts to capture him with "the old tiger-pit trick."

  • Archie tries to use a soda pop machine, only to get everything except something to drink: hot dogs, alarm clocks, and even "Reggie in a Bottle."