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  • 1965
  • 6 Seasons
  • 7.9  (12,235)

Hogan's Heroes was a popular American television show that aired on CBS from 1965 to 1971. Starring Bob Crane, Werner Klemperer, John Banner, Robert Clary, Richard Dawson, Ivan Dixon, Kenneth Washington, and Larry Hovis, the show was set during World War II and depicted a group of Allied prisoners of war who used their wit and ingenuity to consistently outsmart their German captors.

The show's main character was Colonel Robert Hogan (played by Bob Crane), an American Air Force officer who was imprisoned at the fictitious Stalag 13 POW camp. Hogan was a charismatic leader who was adept at devising complex schemes to undermine the Germans and help the Allied cause. He was assisted by a colorful cast of characters, including the British officer Colonel Klink (Werner Klemperer), Sergeant Schultz (John Banner), and the French corporal Louis LeBeau (Robert Clary).

The show's humor stemmed from its satirical portrayal of the Germans, who were often depicted as bumbling and incompetent. Colonel Klink was portrayed as a vain and clueless officer who was easily manipulated by Hogan, while Sergeant Schultz was the lovable guard who constantly looked the other way when Hogan and his men carried out their plans.

Fans of Hogan's Heroes appreciated the show's lighthearted and irreverent approach to a serious historical event. It was particularly popular among veterans of World War II, who appreciated the show's ability to make light of a difficult time in their lives.

Despite its critical success, Hogan's Heroes was not without controversy. Some critics argued that the show made light of the atrocities committed during the Holocaust, and that its portrayal of the Germans was insensitive. Still, the show remained popular throughout its six-season run and remains a beloved classic today.

In conclusion, Hogan's Heroes was a groundbreaking television show that combined humor and history in a way that had never been done before. It was a true ensemble cast, with each character bringing their own unique personality to the show. Despite its controversy, it remains a beloved classic, and audiences can still Watch Hogan's Heroes Online today.

Hogan's Heroes is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (171 episodes). The series first aired on September 17, 1965.

Hogan's Heroes
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Rockets or Romance
24. Rockets or Romance
April 4, 1971
Hogan partners up with a pretty underground agent to destroy a missile battery.
Look at the Pretty Snowflakes
23. Look at the Pretty Snowflakes
March 21, 1971
Hogan starts an avalanche.
Hogan's Double Life
22. Hogan's Double Life
March 7, 1971
Hogan must pass himself off for a German officer to avoid being taken in by a Gestapo.
Kommandant Gertrude
21. Kommandant Gertrude
February 28, 1971
Hogan hatches a plan to get more information to England.
The Kamikazes are Coming
20. The Kamikazes are Coming
February 21, 1971
A rocket lands near camp, but Hogan and his men can't come up with a way to get it to London for an evaluation.
Klink for the Defense
19. Klink for the Defense
February 7, 1971
Klink is ordered to serve as the defense for a German officer on trial for treason against Germany. Hogan helps Klink prove the man's innocence so that he can get his hands on secret plans.
To Russia Without Love
18. To Russia Without Love
January 31, 1971
Hogan has a beautiful Russian woman to convince Klink that he should volunteer to fight on the Russian front.
That's No Lady, That's My Spy
17. That's No Lady, That's My Spy
January 24, 1971
Newkirk fakes that he's a general's wife so that he can get penicillin to the underground.
The Meister Spy
16. The Meister Spy
January 17, 1971
Hogan and his men pass themselves off for Nazi officers in order to get information out of an American traitor.
Easy Come, Easy Go
15. Easy Come, Easy Go
January 10, 1971
Klink and Hogan are sent to London to steal an Allied airplane.
The Dropouts
14. The Dropouts
December 27, 1970
Three scientists are helped to escape by Hogan.
The Gypsy
13. The Gypsy
December 13, 1970
Hogan is able to fake that LeBeau is a fortune teller in order to get German anti-radar machines to London.
The Big Broadcast
12. The Big Broadcast
December 6, 1970
Hogan uses a radio to communicate with London.
Operation Tiger
11. Operation Tiger
November 29, 1970
Hogan and his men work to save an underground leader being sent to Berlin for execution.
It's Dynamite
10. It's Dynamite
November 22, 1970
Hogan plans on taking down a dynamite truck, but things don't go as planned when the truck doesn't follow its route.
The Big Record
9. The Big Record
November 15, 1970
Klink gives the prisoners tape recorders so they can send messages home.
Eight O'clock and All is Well
8. Eight O'clock and All is Well
November 8, 1970
Hogan tells a prisoner about his operation, but soon learns that the man is a German spy.
Kommandant Schultz
7. Kommandant Schultz
November 1, 1970
Schultz is named camp kommandant, but his new found power goes straight to his head.
The Gestapo Takeover
6. The Gestapo Takeover
October 25, 1970
The Gestapo take over Stalag 13 and plan on sending Klink and Schultz to Russia.
Lady Chitterly's Lover (2)
5. Lady Chitterly's Lover (2)
October 18, 1970
Hogan's plan goes awry when Chittlerly escapes.
Lady Chitterly's Lover (1)
4. Lady Chitterly's Lover (1)
October 11, 1970
An English traitor comes to camp with a message for Hitler.
Klink's Masterpiece
3. Klink's Masterpiece
October 4, 1970
Hogan tricks Klink into thinking that he's an artist in order to get contact with an underground art gallery.
The Experts
2. The Experts
September 27, 1970
Hogan hatches a plan to save a radio expert.
Cuisine à la Stalag 13
1. Cuisine à la Stalag 13
September 20, 1970
LeBeau decides to escape from camp.
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  • Premiere Date
    September 17, 1965
  • IMDB Rating
    7.9  (12,235)