The Richie Rich Collection

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In this lovely revisit to the age old classic cartoon from a generation soon to be forgot we follow a rich young man through his daily life. "More money, more problems" was a phrase emphatically claimed in the late 1990's but is a theme that has apparently rung true for millennia.

Harvey Comics, Inc.
1 Season, 6 Episodes
September 21, 1996
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family
The Richie Rich Collection

The Richie Rich Collection Full Episode Guide

  • When Professor Keenbean's new top secret fuel is stolen, the gang gives chase in their go-carts. / Reggie's meddling releases a swarm of giant bugs.

  • When Dollar's dognapped, Rippy and Crashman come to the rescue. / Mayda wants to dance with Richie at the ball so she puts a love potion in the punch.

  • When Cadbury the butler seems overworked, Richie has robot helpers made. / The Rich family spends the weekend exploring their enormous estate.

  • Professor Keenbean invents a three-dimensional copying machine. / Richie and the gang put on a circus show.

  • Richie and Cadbury go to the ends of the Earth to get the world's best chocolate bar. / Cadbury goes above and beyond to help Richie cure Pee Wee's huge hiccups. Also featuring the Richie Rich Gems "Artistic Expression", "Bike Noise" and "Drought".