Watch Movies on Amazon

Amazon began as an online book seller and blossomed into the online retailing giant that we know today. Part of the site's incredible growth included the compilation of a massive library of movies and television programming available for digital download and on-demand streaming. Amazon video offerings include full-length movies and TV series, and much of the movie content is available for either rental or purchase.

The Amazon movie catalog includes new releases, many of them available for rental or purchase as soon as they are released on DVD, along with a substantial selection of older movies. An extensive selection of current TV series is also available, and you can purchase the programs one episode at a time or in whole-season chunks. With many current series, you also have the option of buying a season pass that lets you watch all past and upcoming episodes of the current season for one lump sum.

Amazon also offers a substantial selection of movies to its Prime members for on-demand viewing at no extra charge. Prime membership requires an annual fee that gets you perks such as free shipping on many products ordered from Amazon. Prime Instant Videos can be viewed by Prime members without a rental or purchase fee.