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"Meet the little voices inside your head."
  • PG
  • 2015
  • 8.1  (791,500)
  • 94

Inside Out is an animation movie from 2015 that tells the story of Riley, an 11-year-old girl who lives in Minnesota with her parents. The film is directed by Pete Docter and co-directed by Ronnie del Carmen, both of whom worked together in Up, another critically acclaimed Disney-Pixar film. The movie's storyline revolves around five emotions that dominate Riley's mind: Joy, voiced by Amy Poehler; Sadness, voiced by Phyllis Smith; Anger, voiced by Lewis Black; Disgust, voiced by Mindy Kaling; and Fear, voiced by Bill Hader. Each of these emotions operates in Riley's headquarters, a control room inside her brain that regulates her thoughts, memories, and feelings.

The movie's central conflict arises when Riley's parents decide to move to San Francisco, leaving behind her friends and familiar surroundings. Naturally, this causes a lot of stress and emotional upheaval for Riley, and the emotions in her mind find it hard to cope with the situation. Joy, being the dominant emotion, tries to keep things positive and upbeat but finds it hard to control Sadness, who keeps intruding and causing negative emotions.

As the moving day approaches, Joy and Sadness get accidentally sucked out of Riley's headquarters and find themselves trapped in the vast landscapes of her mind, where they meet various other characters like Bing Bong, Riley's imaginary friend that she created when she was younger. Together, Joy and Sadness embark on a journey to find their way back to headquarters, hoping to restore happiness and balance to Riley's life.

One of the best things about Inside Out is its brilliantly inventive storytelling, which not only entertains but also educates kids and adults alike about the complexity of human emotions. The film cleverly imagines the inside of a person's mind as a bustling city with trains, machines, and factories that represent all the memories, feelings and thoughts.

Moreover, the filmmakers have used a lot of symbolism and metaphors to explain complex psychological concepts like memory consolidation, personality development, and the role of emotions in decision-making. For instance, the movie shows how Joy and Sadness have to travel through different islands representing different aspects of Riley's personality, such as Imagination Land, Friendship Island, and Family Island, to reach their destination.

Another outstanding aspect of the movie is the voice acting, which is top-notch throughout. Amy Poehler delivers a fantastic performance as Joy, who personifies optimism and resilience despite the odds. Phyllis Smith, who plays Sadness, is sublime in portraying vulnerability and empathy, giving a lot of depth to her character. Similarly, Lewis Black, Mindy Kaling, and Bill Hader excel in their respective roles, bringing their unique brands of humor and attitude to their characters.

Overall, Inside Out is a beautiful tribute to the human psyche, full of heart, humor, and wisdom. It's a movie that transcends age, gender, and cultural barriers, as its message of accepting and honoring all our emotions is universal. Whether you're a kid or an adult, this is a film that will warm your heart and keep you entertained for 90 minutes.

In conclusion, Inside Out is an animation masterpiece that deserves every accolade it has received. With its dazzling visual effects, relatable characters, and insightful commentary on the human condition, it's a film that will remain in the annals of movie history as a true classic.

Inside Out is a 2015 animated movie. It has received outstanding reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 8.1 and a MetaScore of 94.

Inside Out
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