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| | 1 hr 32 min | Drama

Mickael (Johan Libereau) is from a poor working class family - his father Grard (Jean-Philippe Ecoffey) is a taxi cab driver who lost his license, then his job as a result of police roadblock entrapment against drinking drivers. His mother Annie (Florence Thomassin) works as a cleaning woman in the high school gym: After this they have a tough time financially. Not a great student, Mickael excels in judo and his life is focused on his sport and on his girlfriend Vanessa (Salom Stvenin). One of Mickael's teammates Clment (Pierre Perrier) is from a wealthy family: his father Louis Steiner (Aurelien Recoing) is confined to a wheelchair and his mother Mathilde (Claire Nebout) is a woman of the world and society. Louis decides to sponsor the judo team, buys them outfits, and asks Mickael to work with Clement to perfect his technique and prepare the judo team for a French championship. Mickael and Clment relate well and while Mickael is a winning player, Clment is smarter and understands the intrinsic rules of the game better. An incident occurs that forces Mickael to take the position of a wounded team mate and in doing so he must lose eight kilos to qualify for the championship team. The struggle to lose weight (he is already in ideal physical condition) places stress on both Mickael and his family and teammates. Mickael and Vanessa include Clment in their camaraderie, a situation which evolves into a mnage trois as the three have group sex in the after hours gym. Vanessa reacts as though this is the greatest physical feeling ever, Clment is smitten, and Mickael has troubling doubts. When the three decide to try it again in a hotel room Mickael is so conflicted that he does not join the other two, only listening to their cavorting in the bathtub feeling inferior to the smarter, wealthier Clment. But on the judo side, the team plays the championship and Mickael's delicate sense of self worth is restored for a moment. It is the manner in which the trio of teenagers resolve their antics that closes the film.

Johan Libereau, Salomee Stevenin, Pierre Perrier, Florence Thomassin, Jean-Philippe Ecoffey
Antony Cordier
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Cold Showers
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