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| | 2 hr 1 min | Documentary, Music

This Is It is a concert film documenting what turned out to be the final tour of Michael Jackson's life. It provides an in-depth look into not only the work habits of the famed King of Pop, but the relationships forged between Jackson and the cast and crew. In one sequence, Jackson scolds a piano player for misplaying one of his songs. He states it in a very matter-of-fact manner, but does it so gracefully that viewers can't help being charmed. He does not take it nearly as easy on himself, however. In another part of the film he rehearses with a vigor so relentless that he inspires his backup dancers, men and women not even half his age, to rise to even greater heights previously unthinkable.

Born out of tragic circumstances, this film is a journey into the creative processes that made Jackson such a force in the entertainment world. It serves to give fans and critics alike access to Jackson never thought possible, and to help preserve his legacy for future generations.

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Michael Jackson: This Is It
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After Rumored Missing, Katherine Jackson Reportedly With Family

Katherine Jackson was initially reported missing by a family member who claimed her late son Michael's three children hadn't spoken with her in a week. Now, word has come down from other family members that she's in fact resting comfortably at a doctor's insistence. Michael's 14-year-old daughter Paris isn't convinced that means she's safe.

Michael Jackson's Siblings Barred From Seeing His Children

Katherine Jackson is finally seeing some order restored to her life. Thursday morning, custody of her late son Michael's three children was returned to her. Additionally, her children have been barred from her residence after almost two weeks of acrimony and harassment.

Michael Jackson's Mother Reported Missing

Amid a legal fight over her son Michael's will, Katherine Jackson has officially been declared a missing person. Her nephew Trent Jackson filed the report with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. She was last heard from July 17, when she attended a New Mexico Jackson Brothers concert.

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