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Take a look at an inside story about suicide bombers in this documentary. Filmmaker, Pierre Rehov goes on a mission to find people associated with suicide bombers who tell the story as they know it. He talks with family members of people who have already gone on such missions, as well as those who were preparing for their journey into a suicide bombing mission. Suicide bombers who were caught prior to completion of their mission are interviewed as well. It is a rare look at the intricacies of a lifestyle that baffles most of the world.

| | 1 hr 20 min | 6.5/10
Chadhoorth Djawann, Jacinto Dumbal, Judge Dumbroso, Boaz Ganor, Eyad Sarraj
City Lights Pictures
Pierre Rehov
English, French, Hebrew, Spanish, Arabic, Italian
Suicide Killers

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