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Zoom In: Rape Apartments (, Zoom In: Boukou Danchi?) (1980) is a violent pink film, and director Naosuke Kurosawa's debut work. It is an unofficial sequel to Koyu Ohara's Zoom Up: Rape Site, inspired by the success of that film. For Zoom In: Rape Apartments, Nikkatsu intentionally cut back on the extreme violence displayed in Ohara's earlier film. The surrealistic elements of the film, such as a scene in which liquid dripping from a woman's vagina bursts into flame upon hitting the ground, has led some to compare Kurosawa's style to that of Seijun Suzuki. The film inspired a series of films using the Zoom In/Zoom Up title, including Zoom Up: Woman From The Dirty Magazine (1980), Zoom Up: Sexual Crime Report (1981), Zoom Up: Genuine Look At A Stripper (1982), Zoom Up: Graduation Photos (1984), and Zoom Up: Special Masturbation (1986).

Yoko Azusa, Erina Miyai
Naosuke Kurosawa
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Zoom In: Rape Apartments