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  • 2004
  • 1 hr 28 min
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10 on Ten is a unique and thought-provoking film directed by the acclaimed Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami. Released in 2004, the movie is essentially a masterclass in filmmaking and offers an insightful look into Kiarostami's creative process. The film takes the form of a conversation between Kiarostami and his audience, in which he takes them on a journey through his own filmmaking process. Shot entirely within the confines of a car driving through Tehran, Kiarostami provides a running commentary on his approach to cinema, discussing everything from his technical decisions regarding camera placement to his personal philosophy on the art form.

The narrative structure of 10 on Ten is minimalist but effective. The film opens with Kiarostami turning on his car's dashcam and beginning his journey through Tehran. From there, he offers the audience a detailed analysis of his own film, Ten, which depicts the story of a woman driving around Tehran with her son.

Throughout the film, Kiarostami offers insights into his own creative process, revealing the technical and artistic choices he made when making Ten. He explains how he wanted to create a sense of realism by shooting the film entirely within the confines of the car, and how this helped to heighten the sense of intimacy between the characters and the audience.

Kiarostami also discusses the importance of sound in his films, and how he deliberately employed natural sounds like traffic and street noise to create a more immersive experience for the viewer. He further describes how he used the car's windows as a framing device, playing with light and reflections to create a more layered and dynamic image.

The real beauty of 10 on Ten lies in Kiarostami's ability to make the seemingly mundane and technical aspects of filmmaking deeply interesting and engaging. Through his commentary, viewers gain an insight into the creative process of one of the most important filmmakers of our time, and gain a new appreciation for the art of cinema.

Beyond its technical insights, 10 on Ten also provides a moving and personal portrait of Kiarostami himself. He talks candidly about his inspirations, influences, and motivations as a filmmaker, and reveals some of the challenges he has faced throughout his career.

The film also features Mania Akbari, the star of Ten, who appears briefly in 10 on Ten to discuss her experience working with Kiarostami. Her insights provide a valuable counterpoint to Kiarostami's, offering a more personal perspective on the making of the film.

In terms of style, 10 on Ten is minimalist and unassuming. The film is shot entirely within the confines of the car and features no real set pieces or special effects. Yet, despite its simplicity, the film remains engaging and thought-provoking throughout.

Overall, 10 on Ten is a must-see for any film lover, providing an insightful and engaging look into the creative process of one of cinema's most important figures. Through its minimalist style and insightful commentary, the film offers a deep appreciation for the art of cinema and a personal portrait of one of its greatest masters.

10 on Ten
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