A Nasty Piece of Work

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  • TV-MA
  • 2019
  • 1 hr 18 min
  • 6.7  (1,871)

A Nasty Piece of Work is a dark comedy-thriller film that was released in 2019. The movie revolves around two men, Ted and Gavin, who work for a high-powered corporation. Ted is hoping to get a promotion, but he's not sure if he will be chosen. On Christmas Eve, their boss, who is never seen but always heard, asks them to stay late to have dinner at his mansion with his family to determine which of them should receive the promotion.

Ted and Gavin arrive at the mansion and are greeted by the boss's daughter, a cold and imposing woman named Hilary. She immediately sets the tone for the evening, making it clear that they are there to compete for a promotion and that only one of them will be chosen. Throughout the evening, the pair are subjected to a series of psychological games and tasks designed to test their loyalty and worth to the company.

The first task is a game of poker, in which Ted and Gavin are given a limited amount of time to win as much money as possible from the boss's son-in-law, who is a notorious gambler. This task sets the tone for the rest of the evening, as the two men are pitted against each other and forced to use their wit and cunning to come out on top.

As the night progresses, the games become more intense and sinister. They are asked to participate in a simulated hostage situation, where they are held at gunpoint and forced to make decisions that could cost them their lives. They are also asked to participate in a twisted game of truth or dare, where they are forced to reveal their deepest, darkest secrets to each other.

Throughout the film, there are moments of dark comedy that help to lighten the mood and provide some relief from the intense psychological games. One particularly hilarious scene involves a game of charades, where Ted is given the task of acting out the phrase "it's a wonderful life" without using any words.

The performances in the movie are exceptional, particularly Molly Hagan, who plays the boss's wife. She delivers a chilling performance as a woman who is struggling with her own demons and doesn't seem to care about the well-being of the two men who are vying for her husband's approval. Natalie Hall and Kyle Howard also deliver strong performances as Ted and Gavin, respectively, adding depth and nuance to their characters.

In terms of cinematography and direction, A Nasty Piece of Work is top-notch. The mansion where the majority of the film takes place is beautifully shot, with its grand, sweeping hallways and ornate decor. The lighting is also expertly done, with a sense of foreboding throughout the film that keeps the tension high.

Overall, A Nasty Piece of Work is a smart, darkly comic thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. The psychological games that Ted and Gavin are forced to play are both entertaining and terrifying, and the performances and direction are all top-notch. If you're a fan of psychological thrillers with a healthy dose of dark comedy, then you won't want to miss this one.

A Nasty Piece of Work is a 2019 horror movie with a runtime of 1 hour and 18 minutes. It has received mostly positive reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 6.7.

A Nasty Piece of Work
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    6.7  (1,871)