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  • NR
  • 1931
  • 1 hr 37 min
  • 7.4  (4,931)

A Nous la Liberte is a classic French film from 1931. Directed by Rene Clair, the film's title translates to "Freedom for Us." The plot of the movie follows two prison escapees, Louis (Raymond Cordy) and Emile (Henri Marchand), as they start new lives outside the confines of their jail cells. The film opens with a humorous depiction of life in prison. The inmates work on an assembly line, churning out phonographs. The conditions are poor, and the work is monotonous. Louis sees an opportunity for escape when he overhears a tune that a worker outside is whistling. The catchy melody sticks in Louis' head, and he convinces Emile to join him in the escape attempt by whistling the tune back to his accomplice.

The escape is a success, and the two men make their way to the city. They quickly find work at a phonograph factory that is in direct competition with the one they escaped from. Their big break comes when they introduce a new advertising jingle that quickly becomes a hit. The jingle is a catchy tune, and it takes the world by storm. The factory sees a huge increase in sales, and Louis and Emile are soon promoted to positions of power within the company.

As their success grows, the two men become increasingly different in their desires. Emile wants to continue to climb the corporate ladder, and he is content to remain in the company's employ. Louis, on the other hand, desires freedom and independence. He yearns to start his own business and be his own boss.

As the two men's lives diverge, Emile becomes more and more obsessed with his job. He is promoted to the position of factory director, and he begins to lose sight of the simple pleasures in life. Louis, meanwhile, starts his own phonograph factory, and he finds success on his own terms.

The film offers a commentary on the conflicts between corporate greed and personal freedom. The phonograph is used as a symbol of the industrial age, and the film suggests that the new technologies of the time could lead to either liberation or enslavement.

The film is notable for its innovative use of sound. The catchy jingle that Louis and Emile create becomes a major motif throughout the film, and it is used to signal the passage of time and the success of their business. The film also features some impressive visual effects, including a scene in which a giant elephant is created out of smoke.

The movie's visuals are accompanied by a lively score, with music from composers such as Strauss, Offenbach, and Gounod. The music is an essential component of the film, and it underscores the humor and the satire of the story.

A Nous la Liberte is a groundbreaking work of French cinema. The film's use of sound and visual effects paved the way for the modern movie industry, and its themes of personal freedom and corporate greed continue to resonate today. The film's iconic jingle has become a part of popular culture, and its message of hope and liberation remains as relevant as ever.

A Nous la Liberte
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