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"Oru Bheegara Jeevi Aanu"
  • 2015
  • 2 hr 22 min
  • 6.9  (1,534)

Aadu is a 2015 Malayalam-language comedy film directed by Midhun Manuel Thomas and produced by Vijay Babu and Sandra Thomas under the banner Friday Film House. The movie features an ensemble cast led by Jayasurya, and includes Saiju Kurup, Dharmajan Bolgatty, Vineeth Mohan, and Sunny Wayne among others. With a quirky storyline, engaging characters, and a rural setting, Aadu (which translates to Goat in English) provides a unique blend of humor and adventure.

Set in the picturesque landscapes of Kerala, the story revolves around Shaji Pappan (played by Jayasurya), the leader of a group of local men who form a club named 'The Adventure Club.' Pappan is a character who sports an iconic get-up with a thick moustache and a red beret, instantly creating a visual identity that has become memorable in the arena of Malayalam comedy cinema. The character became so popular that it inspired two sequels following the original installment.

The film starts off with a focus on an inter-club competition where the winning prize is a high-bred golden-colored goat named Pinky. The peculiarity and presumed value of the goat set off a series of comedic and unfortunate events, leading to unexpected twists throughout the movie. The plot thickens when Shaji Pappan and his gang of misfits win the competition and take possession of Pinky. Little do they know that the seemingly harmless act of taking the goat home will trigger a chain of hilarious mishaps, involving a diverse set of characters each with their own ludicrous backstory.

As the storyline progresses, audiences are introduced to a cast of colorful characters that include Dude (played by Sunny Wayne), a pseudo-rasta man, and his gang who are after a cannabis plant hidden with an elusive treasure map; Sub-inspector Sarbath Shameer (played by Saiju Kurup) who is on a devout mission to prove his worth in the police force; P.P. Sasi (played by Chemban Vinod Jose), a vicious villain holding a personal grudge against Shaji Pappan; a cunning politician named Captain Cleetus (played by Renji Panicker), and a gang of Tamil laborers who unexpectedly become part of the weave that is Aadu's madcap adventure.

A major part of the comedy stems from situational humor, slapstick sequences, and the dilemmas faced by the characters as they chase after the goat, each for their own reasons. Coupled with the ever-bumbling and mismatched actions of the Adventure Club members, the narrative constructs a rollicking ride that keeps the laughter flowing. The characters are distinctively etched, with each one adding a flavor of regional mannerisms and linguistic diversity, contributing to the kaleidoscope of fun that the film is.

Besides the outlandish plot, it is the interplay between the characters that holds the film together. Jayasurya, in particular, displays remarkable comic timing and embraces the idiosyncrasies of Shaji Pappan. His performance is complemented by equally strong turns from the supporting cast, who all bring a sense of uniqueness to their performances. The impeccable camaraderie among the various actors amplifies the comedic effect and ensures a lively viewing experience for the audience.

Aadu also boasts of lush cinematography that captures the verdant vistas of rural Kerala, providing a vibrant backdrop for the film's events. The soundtrack is laden with catchy tunes that reinforce the film's spirited vibe, including tracks that went on to become popular hits. Moreover, the well-choreographed action sequences blend in with the movie’s humorous tone, creating moments of exaggerated yet enjoyable chaos.

Upon its release, Aadu wasn't a substantial box-office success and received mixed reviews, but it found a renewed appreciation over time, especially in the home video and satellite television circuits. Thanks to its offbeat humor, memorable characters, and the cult status it reached, it achieved a significant fan following which led to the creation of sequels, solidifying its position as a cult classic in the genre of Malayalam comedy movies.

For those who enjoy eccentric comedies with a regional twist, Aadu is an eclectic movie that packs plenty of laughs and showcases the lighter side of Malayalam cinema. While it could be regarded as an unconventional movie with its fair share of idiosyncrasies and a plot that might seem nonsensical at times, it’s precisely these elements that work in its favor, making it a delightful watch for audiences who are in for some good-natured and rollicking entertainment.

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    2 hr 22 min
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    6.9  (1,534)