Adventures of a Private Eye

"The clever dick who uncovers EVERYBODY!"
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Adventures of a Private Eye is a British comedy. This may be viewed as a sex comedy too. This is a story about a private detective. He does have a scatterbrained assistant. The private detective takes a vacation and leaves his assistant in charge. A case comes in while the detective is away. It is up to the scatterbrained assistant to solve it. Watch and discover if the assistant can overcome the complications that come with this case. This is a 1977 movie that is filled with much humor and will keep everyone in stitches.

| 1977 | 1 hr 36 min | 4.2/10
Christopher Neil, Suzy Kendall, Harry H. Corbett, Diana Dors
Stanley Long
Adventures of a Private Eye
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Also directed by Stanley A. Long

Also starring Suzy Kendall