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  • 1988
  • 8.0  (22)

Afghantsi, a 1988 Russian film directed by Vladimir Bortko, is a touching drama that follows the lives of Soviet soldiers stationed in Afghanistan during the height of the Soviet-Afghan War. The film takes a deep look into the soldiers' experiences, showing their sacrifices, losses, and fears of death in a land where they are unwelcome. The film is a vivid portrayal of the human cost of war.

The story follows a group of soldiers, led by Lieutenant Nikolay Shurov, who are stationed in Afghanistan. The film starts with the group on a mission to find and eliminate an enemy group. The mission turns out to be a disaster, and many soldiers and officers get killed. The survivors were later rescued by a local Afghan family who had no choice but to hide them from the enemy. The soldiers find themselves trapped in the middle of a warzone, with no clear path to safety.

As the soldiers try to navigate their way back to their base, they encounter various challenges that test their endurance and resilience. Through their journey, we witness their desperation, hopelessness, and relentless pursuit of survival. The film not only shows the physical challenges that the soldiers face but the emotional toll that war has on them.

The soldiers experience homesickness, longing for their families and loved ones back home. They reminisce about their past lives and the normalcy they were used to before they were drafted into the war. The audience can feel their pain as they try to find solace in each other's company amidst the chaos.

Afghanistan presented an entirely different environment from what the soldiers were used to. They faced language barriers, the scorching heat, cultural shock, and the harsh terrains of the mountains. This added to the complexity of their mission.

The characters in Afghantsi are relatable and very human. The film focuses on the individual stories of each soldier, and we see how each of them handles the trauma of war. Their characters are portrayed as three-dimensional, with each having their own unique characteristics, habits, and personalities.

The characters in the film are portrayed as capable and resilient, despite the constant danger they face. They work tirelessly to save their comrades, and their courage and selflessness are admirable. Moreover, they maintain a sense of humanity, even in the face of death. Each character is a hero in their own right, and their individual tales are heartwarming yet tragic.

The film is shot in a way that showcases the brutal reality of war, but at the same time, it is not overly gory. It is evident that the director was more concerned with showing the personal toll of war on the soldiers rather than any glorification of fighting. The camera work is excellent, and the visuals are stunning, with breath-taking shots of the mountainous region of Afghanistan.

The film's soundtrack is also exceptional, with its melancholic tones adding to the sad yet beautiful story portrayed by the film. The music portrays the emotions of the characters and highlights the action sequences in the film.

In conclusion, Afghantsi offers a poignant and emotional portrayal of the realities of war. It is an important film that offers a glimpse into the human cost of conflicts. Vladimir Bortko's direction takes the audience on a journey through the eyes of soldiers who are caught up in a war that they didn't choose.

The film's message resonates throughout the years, highlighting the cost of war and the importance of compassion towards those who have been directly affected by it. The film ultimately is an ode to the bravery of soldiers whose sacrifice should never be forgotten.

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