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"The cowboy who came to tame a bucking bronco called Africa!"
  • NR
  • 1967
  • 1 hr 49 min
  • 5.3  (220)

Africa: Texas Style! is a 1967 adventure film that follows an unlikely trio of adventurers as they venture into the heart of Africa in search of a hidden cache of diamonds. The film stars Hugh O'Brian, John Mills, and Nigel Green, and is directed by Andrew Marton. The movie opens with a group of mercenaries led by the tough yet charismatic Jim Sinclair (O'Brian) arriving in a small African town to gather information about the diamonds. They are quickly met with resistance from the town's leader, a ruthless warlord named Maguru (Green), who will do whatever it takes to keep the diamonds for himself.

Determined to find the diamonds by any means necessary, Sinclair and his team team up with an unlikely ally - an aging British soldier named Bai (Mills), who has been living in Africa for years and knows the terrain like the back of his hand. Together, the trio embarks on a perilous journey through the treacherous African wilderness, facing danger at every turn as they battle Maguru and his army of loyal warriors.

As they traverse the wild terrain, the adventurers find themselves confronted with a host of obstacles and challenges, from treacherous river crossings to encounters with ferocious wildlife. Along the way, they also meet a number of colorful characters, including a wise and enigmatic African shaman who helps lead them closer to their goal.

As the group nears their destination, tensions begin to run high, and Sinclair, Bai, and their team must rely on their wits and their formidable skills as warriors to overcome the formidable challenges they face. Ultimately, they must confront Maguru in a final, epic showdown that will determine who emerges victorious in the struggle for control of the diamonds.

With stunning visuals and heart-stopping action sequences, Africa: Texas Style! is an unforgettable cinematic adventure that is sure to thrill audiences of all ages. The film's charismatic lead actors bring a sense of humor and depth to their respective roles, while the breathtaking African landscape serves as a captivating backdrop for the movie's many action-packed set pieces.

Whether you're a fan of gritty action films, sweeping adventure epics, or simply enjoy a good old-fashioned treasure hunt, Africa: Texas Style! is a film that is not to be missed. So grab your popcorn, sit back, and prepare to be swept away on an unforgettable journey through the wilds of Africa.

Africa: Texas Style!
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