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A dark silhouetted figure, who calls himself "Victor", is seated on a chair in a darkened room, with a camera on him. He has a microphone on him and his voice has been modified, so that it is undetectable. Before Victor is seen, the narrator Stephen Williams, of 21 Jump Street fame, recounts a string of bizarre events, beginning with the Roswell incident from the 1940's to the 1970's and 1980's.

The scene shifts from Roswell, New Mexico to a military base termed "Area 51", located in Nevada. A secretive air base, known for testing military aircraft, now becomes the focal point of the alien controversy. Philip Gardiner, head of Rocket Pictures, receives a call from a man, who claims to have insider knowledge of the goings on inside Area 51. He states that the government facility has housed aliens there since the 1970's and that he has video footage to prove it. Gardiner, though reluctant at first, couldn't pass up the chance that it might be real, so he sets up the interview with the man, named Victor. Victor insists he will not incriminate himself by divulging his identity and threatens several times to terminate the interview. During the interview, re-enactments are used to describe what Victor has seen. In one scene, we see a scientist communicating with the alien (EBE-2), while a telepath acts as the interpreter.

The documentary builds with tension and intrigue, culminating with the highlight of the film, video footage of the actual alien. The surreal footage shows the alien being brought into a room, seated at a table and eventually, questioned by scientists. The room is darkened and the alien is facing in the direction of the camera. Victor was able to obtain this footage through means he would not say, once again, so that he cannot be identified. After the alien interview is done, video experts are asked about the validity of the footage. The experts are unable to confirm that it is fake.

| 2012 | 1 hr 15 min
Ray Santilli, Gary Shoefield
Philip Gardiner

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