Alles Bob!

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Bob is a young man who has little desire in this world other than chasing around extremely beautiful women. He has had a lifetime of experience with being able to bed some of the prettiest girls in town, even if it meant having to deal with some less than kind kin later on, as a result. Bob meets a beautiful woman one day and whispers to her throughout time all the sweet messages that women love to hear. They decide to get married, and as soon as Bob's fiancée's father discovers who he truly is, he makes Bob a promise, and that is to treat his daughter right or else he will have to face some serious problems.

1999 | | 5.3/10
Martina Gedeck, Gregor Törzs, Tonio Arango, Dieter Landuris
Alles Bob ("Its all Bob") is a 1999 German film starring Gregor Torzs and Miriam Lahnstein, directed by Otto Alexander Jahrreiss. The film, is about a young man who tells women what they want to hear to get sex. [edit] External links Alles B
Alles Bob!
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Also directed by Otto Alexander Jahrreiss