Amor de hombre

"Friendship is above everything, everything and all."
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This gay romantic drama from Spain was directed by Yolanda G. Serrano. The film recounts, in intimate, yet tender details, a homosexual man's curious entanglment with a woman who doesnt' share what her society has deemed to be his deviant sexual practices. The film recounts the sexual misadventures of Ramon, a very attractive gay man living with the young and lonely, Esperanza. Every night Esperanza returns to her empty room while Ramon brings home yet another conquest. She can't seem to find the right man but isn't trouble because she believes that Ramon secretly loves her. However, her world is shattered when Ramon begins to develop real feelings for one of his conquests which throws their relationship, and their living arrangement, into chaos.

Not Rated
| 1997 | 1 hr 28 min | 6.2/10
Loles León, Andrea Occhipinti, Pedro Mari Sánchez, Armando del RÑo
Yolanda García Serrano,Juan Luis Iborra
Amor de hombre
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Also directed by Juan Luis Iborra, Yolanda Garcia Serrano