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  • 2009
  • 1 hr 34 min
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And the Winner Is... is a 2009 film directed by Kevin Harris and starring Jerry Springer, Kevin McClatchy, and Doug Kusak. The movie is a comedy that tells the story of the United States Presidential campaign, but with a twist. In this version of presidential politics, the candidates are not only running for office but also competing in a reality TV show where the audience is the judge.

The plot of the film follows three candidates who are competing in this reality show. The first is Carl Scott (Jerry Springer), a former game show host who is now running for president. He is the current leader in the show's ratings and portrayed as an egomaniacal and power-hungry politician who will stop at nothing to win the presidency.

The second candidate is Michael Scott (Kevin McClatchy), Carl's younger half-brother, who is a mild-mannered college professor with little political experience. Michael is portrayed as the complete opposite of his brother, and he is running just to prove a point.

The third candidate is Mildred Lutherman (Doug Kusak), a no-nonsense businesswoman who is running on a platform of restoring traditional American values. She is portrayed as a straight-arrow candidate who is running for the right reasons.

The film's humor comes from the candidates' interactions with each other, the host of the show, and the various challenges they face on the campaign trail. For example, in one scene, the candidates are forced to take part in a talent competition where they must sing, dance, or perform a comedy routine. In another scene, they are involved in a televised debate that turns into a shouting match.

The movie also takes a satirical look at the state of American politics and the media's role in elections. It portrays the presidential campaign as a media circus where substance is sacrificed for style and soundbites. The candidates are more concerned with appearances than policy, and the media is more interested in ratings than informing the public.

As the campaign progresses, the candidates begin to realize the true nature of the show they are participating in, and they start to question their motivations for running. The film ends with a surprising twist that shakes up the election and leaves the candidates wondering if the cost of the campaign was worth it.

Overall, And the Winner Is... is a lighthearted and entertaining movie that pokes fun at American politics and the cult of celebrity. It features strong performances from the cast, particularly Jerry Springer who is perfectly cast as the over-the-top politician. The humor is sharp, and the satire is biting, making it a fun watch for anyone interested in politics or reality TV.

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