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The Jerry Springer Show is a daytime talk show that started in 1991, and it is hosted by Jerry Springer. He brings in dysfunctional families or couples, and he has them talk about their problems in front of a live studio audience. Normally, the issues of these people almost always escalate into violence, whether it be hair-pulling, chair-throwing, or straight out punches. For this reason, security guards can always be found on stage, ready to put a stop to things if necessary.

The show begins with Jerry entering the stage, as the audience chants, "JER-RY, JER-RY!" He then introduces the first guest, who talks about his/her problem with someone else, who is usually waiting backstage. Them the second (and sometimes third) person is brought in, and begins arguing with the first. This is normally when the fight ensues, and as it goes on, more chants of "JERRY" can be heard from the audience. When the people calm down, the two or more guests talk or yell about what is bothering them. There are always three sets of guests with three different problems. Majority of the fights are about relationships and cheating on your significant other, but that is not always the case.

Sometimes the issues get resolved, although this is not generally a common occurrence. More often than not, people leave the show no better than when they started. The show always ends with all the different sets of guests sitting on stage, as Jerry walks around the audience and picks on members who have questions for a particular guest. Sometimes a member likes to ask a demeaning question, sometimes it's a real question, and sometimes, a female member will lift up her shirt and flash everyone, in order to obtain what is known as "Jerry beads."

The value of this show is in its trash talking, fights, and getting to hear other people's problems. It is not suitable for minors, and a warning comes on before every episode to say that. It has explicit language, some violence, and nudity - always blurred out though. It is aimed towards an audience that is looking for mindless entertainment, and it has many critics. However, it is still very popular, for trash-talk TV always seems to attract viewers.

Weekdays 11:00 AM et/pt on NBC
11 Seasons, 192 Episodes
September 1, 1991
Talk & Interview
Jerry Springer
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Jerry Springer Full Episode Guide

  • Allison hooks up with her sister's boyfriend, after telling her she could do better; Shay gets even with her aunt, for sabotaging her relationship, by sleeping with her husband.

  • Samantha believes her cousin is sleeping with her boyfriend and finds out he has also slept with her mom; Larissa is suspicious of her sister and her fiancĂ©; Raven reveals to Alexis that she slept with her boyfriend.

  • A woman plans a sexy surprise for her girlfriend; a woman admits she cheated on her fiancĂ©; a woman gets revenge on a so-called friend, by sleeping with her boyfriend.

  • A man is ready to sever ties with his son's mother, now that he's dating a stripper; a man's secret love affair with a stripper could jeopardize his future with his girlfriend; a woman takes pride in stealing other women's boyfriends.

  • A bride-to-be has her bachelorette party; a woman is trying to steal her friend's fiance; a woman finds out her fiance cheated on her.

  • A man tries to woo his best friend's girlfriend away from him; a woman deals with the fallout of cheating on her boyfriend with his younger brother; two female roommates are after the same man.

  • A woman reveals a secret to a man she met on social media; a man hopes his girlfriend will forgive him for cheating on her; a man plans to propose to his girlfriend and wants to come clean about a mistake he made, but she already knows about it.

  • Dana says Alyssa has been cheating on Cody again; Diesha claims Whitey has been avoiding her; Susan is having an affair with Freddie.

  • A man wants to take things to the next level with a female friend; a woman suspects something's going on between her husband and her cousin; a man wants his high-school crush to leave her current boyfriend to be with him.

  • Ty's fantasy has quickly turned into a nightmare; Deasia is in love with someone she has no business being in love with.

  • Justice plans to move to Florida, but her boyfriend is reluctant to go with her; Dedric wants to meet his stripper crush, who is married to a woman; Ashley is tired of being played for a fool.

  • Alex wants to upgrade his relationship with Taylor before he joins the military; three women want Imani; Brianna suspects her fiance is cheating on social media.

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