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In this comedy, a rock musician gets a job as a substitute teacher at a posh prep school. The teacher's uncouth approach to education causes waves at the uptight school, but the students come to love him. The series is based on the film of the same name starring Jack Black.

School of Rock is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (44 episodes). The series first aired on March 12, 2016.

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3 Seasons, 44 Episodes
March 12, 2016
Comedy, Kids & Family, Music
Cast: Breanna Yde, Ricardo Hurtado, Jade Pettyjohn, Lance Lim
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School of Rock Full Episode Guide

  • When Dewey's old band gets to play his dream venue at the Austin Music Festival, he is forced to make a choice between his former life and School of Rock. Guest Star: Jack Griffo

  • When Dewey's old band gets to play his dream venue at the Austin Music Festival, he is forced to make a choice between his former life and School of Rock.

  • The whole band works together to get Zack to look perfect for photo day, so he can finally have a picture on his parents' mantle at home.

  • Freddy looks for a response from Summer after telling her how he feels; the band agrees to help Dewey save a local ice cream shop, but first has to get out of an escape room challenge arranged by Principal Mullins.

  • When School of Rock attempts to become the leading quinceanera band in Austin, everything seems to go wrong, thanks to a scary movie.

  • The band's instruments get stolen, so they hold a rummage sale to raise money to replace them. When Tomika sells a sentimental item of Summer's, she has to remember why it was so important to repair their friendship.

  • Summer takes pity on the band's nemesis, Justin from Night Lizard, after he falls on hard times, and agrees to help his music career despite her friends' caution.

  • Tomika is inspired by the play, "Hamilton," to create her own hip-hop musical about the Alamo; Freddy is determined to use the play to get closer to Summer.

  • Tomika and Summer's friendship becomes strained when Summer starts to take care of the only creature that Tomika fears -- an adorable puppy.

  • Freddy writes a song about the band being so supportive, but they find it difficult to be honest with him when it comes to how they feel about it.

  • Tomika goes to great lengths to prove she is cool to the new girl in school, eventually lying about knowing a music superstar.

  • While Tomika and Summer try to get Kale into the school's Holiday pageant, Zack, Lawrence, and Dewey try to recreate Freddy's Christmas traditions because he is spending the holidays without his mom for the first time.

  • Summer tries to get a job at her favorite store in the mall to earn money for a new phone, but the job is offered to Tomika instead.

  • An online review of the band labels Tomika as the leader, sparking a competition between the children to seize the spotlight in the group.

  • The band decides to make a music video, but when Tomika and Freddy have different ideas about the video's creative direction, it causes a rift in the group.

  • When the band gets a new classmate who is unable to keep a secret, it threatens the future of the band.

  • When Freddy tells the band that his family is moving to Miami, they all work together to come up with a plan to convince his mother to let him stay.

  • The band has to choose if they want to stay together after they don't impress a music producer at the Austin Music Festival.

  • Tomika and Zack labor on a romantic song together, leading to an event that will alter their friendship forever; Summer and Lawrence spend time with each other; Freddy assists Mr. Finn with a dilemma.

  • Zach has colleagues invest in Lawrence's future for a school business project; Summer and Tomika help Dewey review to receive his teaching credentials.

  • Summer attempts to get over Freddy, but ends up stuck with him and Kale at school overnight; Mr. Finn helps Tomika face one of her biggest worries.

  • Summer's envy of Freddy's new girlfriend gets the best of her when she befriends the girl and attempts to ruin their relationship.

  • Freddy is made to join the school's a cappella team, jeopardizing the band's possibility to record their song for an influential producer.

  • When the cafeteria closes down, Zack opens a food truck, only to discover himself in competition with Justin's truck.

  • After Principal Mullins goes home ill, Mr. Finn's pupils decide to honor Halloween in school.

  • The band is booked to perform in disguise at the school dance so they can keep their identities a secret; Summer decides to reveal her feelings to Freddy.

  • Lawrence attempts to show his worth to the group by heading the production of their first recording, but his methods cause a breach in the band.

  • Summer's attempt to share a locker with Freddy sets off a chain reaction of locker-switching that puts the whole band out of sync.

  • When their usual teacher comes back, the kids have to find a way to get Dewey back and continue their rock and roll dreams.

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